TridentTech Trading takes military water cans market by storm

17 Feb, 2016 – One of the foremost suppliers of military water cans, fuel jerry cans and diesel tanks in Dubai, Tridentech Trading products are known for their high durability and withstanding rough handing with ease. Based in Dubai, TridentTech now has a formidable presence in UAE which the company has built by offering excellent customer service and its crystal clear track record. Many believe that this success also comes through its products that were specifically designed for militaries. However the company has been catering to consumer demands which has helped it become a leading diesel tanks supplier in Dubai.

Another reason why TridentTech has been able to carve out a market share for itself is due to the process they use to manufacture their military water cans and fuel jerry cans. By using blow molded and injection molded processes, they are able to ensure that their products are durable and have a long life. To make things even more perfect, they offer numerous accessories to accentuate their customers experience with their products. These include gravity feed adapters, suction feed adapters, pour sports and multifunction adapters.

Owner of TridentTech Trading Cameron Crains was optimistic about the role of the company in many years to come. He said “TridentTech Trading has been developing quality military water cans since 1960 and has innovated since. In 1980s we were fortunate to win the development contract to create new plastic military fuel cans. That is when we created our ultimate products that were both durable and high performing. Afterall when it comes to fuel jerry cans and water cans, it is important that they don’t disappoint. Considering they have to go under tough conditions it is imperative that they can handle any rough situation. That is what we offer. Durable, long lasting products for everyone in UAE!”

Apart from offering excellent customer service, durable and long lasting TridentTech products come with numerous features that make them top notch providers of water cans and jerry fuel cans. These include separable accessories like caps, straps and pouring sprouts that are all created using injection molded technique. Along with this you can also get a small pouring spout on large caps that helps in using water cans more effectively.

The need for quality water cans along with fuel jerry cans will not diminish any time soon. In a country like UAE where there is a high demand for excellent liquid storage equipment the best place to get them is TridentTech.

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