iNeuro Headache Specialist Announces Revolutionary Telemedicine Diagnosis Service

MCCLEAN, Va. – Dr. Mahan Chehrenama today announced the creation of the iNeuro Headache Specialist virtual diagnosis service. This is a revolutionary change in treating headache and nerve pain. iNeuro treats patients with all headache types including migraine, post-traumatic headaches, cluster, tension, neuralgias or nerve pain. She can treat facial pain and neck pain including cervical dystonia and post-concussive syndrome.

Telemedicine is a virtual medical visit. The iNeuro Headache Specialists review a patient’s data using video chat technology, a natural extension of the more traditional in-office visitsiNeuro Headache Specialist is the leading provider of direct-to-consumer virtual consultation and management for chronic complex headaches and nerve pain.

“Disease or symptoms in one organ do not occur in isolation,” said Dr. Chehrenama. “The whole body is affected. If relief is not accompanied by addressing the root cause of disease, the human body will deteriorate and other chronic conditions will develop.” Dr. Chehrenama is one of the world’s foremost experts on the human body and brain.

Pain management is a highly complex art form. This becomes complicated when pain is affecting the head, and notoriously even more difficult with added brain injury in concussion. By the time many patients seek care with a dedicated Headache Medicine Specialist, they have often seen many Health Care Providers and Neurologists, and have been disappointed with no clear answers.

“The ability to offer a new way of looking at your chronic and complex issues, as well as offering a novel treatment approach is immensely valuable to my patients,” Dr. Chehrenama added. “I seek to provide this cutting-edge approach to your individual baseline, integration all medical data, and coordination of your overall care in order to achieve the best outcome for your brain and body. No one should have to live in pain. I will help you.”

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