Twigo Tags Celebrating National Pet ID Week April 17th – 23rd

Twigo strongly believes pet identification is a crucial step one must take in order to keep pet family members safe.

National Pet ID Week kicks-off on Sunday, April 17th and Twigo Tags LLC is ready to celebrate the occasion. Proper identification can greatly increase the chance of finding your pet should they go missing. Sadly, the ASPCA found that while 80% of pet owners realize the importance of ID tags, just 33% say their pet always wears one. Twigo Tags is carrying out their mission to help ensure all pets wear an ID tag by offering a special deal during National Pet ID Week: Buy one Twigo Tag get one half price + free shipping on orders.

Twigo strongly believes pet identification is a crucial step one must take in order to keep pet family members safe. Even the most well-behaved cats and dogs can get lost, run off unexpectedly, or get separated from their humans. The best way to safeguard your pet’s return is to provide him or her with identification. If your pet has more than one form of ID, you increase your chances of reconnecting quicker.

This month, take the first step in protecting your four-legged friend by shopping for Twigo’s innovative ID tag using their special offer. From Sunday April 17th – Saturday April 23rd, pet owners will have the opportunity to buy one tag and get one half price plus free shipping. With many styles and designs available, pet parents can choose the “paw-fect” tags that fit their fur-friend’s personality best.

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Twigo require no engraving and are instantly personalize-able with a ballpoint pen – simply write, boil and wear. The tags self-attach and are completely silent, ideal for those who dislike the jingling noise and remove their pet’s tags while inside the house. Twigo Silencers are also available which are a great option for protecting existing engraved tags and keeping them silent.

In addition to National Pet ID Week, April 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness. This canine-centric holiday aims to bring attention to all lost dogs each year. On a happier note, it’s a day to celebrate the thousands of lost dogs successfully reunited with their families as well.

“Those moments after realizing your pet has gone missing are heart-wrenching,” expresses Janine Berger-Gillet, owner and inventor of Twigo Tags, “Without proper identification, 90% of lost pets never return home. April is a great month to shed awareness on this issue and we’re ready to motivate owners to take action by offering this Twigo Tag special to celebrate the occasion!”

Would your dog be able to find his way home if he got separated from you on vacation or on a road trip? As the weather warms up, more families are traveling or going on adventures with their pet. Twigo is a quick, simple, and affordable option for creating a new tag with the proper information during those journeys ahead with your furry friend!

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Twigo LLC is on a mission to help ensure all pets wear an ID tag all the time. Pet identification is the BEST PREVENTION. ID’s dramatically increase the security of your pet family member.

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