Snus Lagret Expands Range and Offers Of Online Exclusive Deals To Help People Get Even Better Value

Snus Lagret is an online store specializing in snuff, and has expanded its range of deals available to customers, so they can get the best offers possible on the highest quality snuff products.

Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product created from ground tobacco leaves, and is used by sharply inhaling through the nostrils, producing a strong hit of nicotine with a lingering scent that is both invigorating and pleasing. Matured over months and even years, high quality snuff is now making a resurgence as a popular method of using tobacco, as public smoking bans become more commonplace throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Snus Lagret is a Swedish online store selling snuff, and has recently published a suite of new great deals on the best snuffs available.

The store is well-loved by customers around the world, who rely on it to quickly deliver the highest quality and most innovative snuff products from the best brands (göra eget snus). Their offers section is regularly updated, and the newest suite of offers see discounts on major brands like Epok, Granite, Knox and Kapten. 

There are even nicotine free snuffs (nikotinfritt snus) on offer for those individuals who are more interested in the scent experience than the nicotine hit, meaning there really is something for everyone available in the newly expanded offers section.

A spokesperson for Snus Lagret explained, “Snuff is becoming more popular around the world by the day, and is a practice that has been going on for hundreds of years. Because snuff does not use combustion as with traditional cigarettes, it offers a tarless and smokeless alternative to enjoying tobacco, which is a large part of its growing popularity, not just for reasons of smoking bans, but for health reasons as well. We are excited to being able to furnish snuff users throughout Europe and beyond with the best products available, at even better prices.”

About Snus Lagret:

Snus Lagret (Snuff Store) was set up in 2010 and began trading in 2011, opening their first bricks and mortar store in Göteborg, Sweden. In 2013 they opened the doors to the next shop in Ringön, an industrial area on Hissingsön in Göteborg. Soon word spread outside the local area and the company launched an online store, which has since gone global as a recommended source of the finest snuff in Sweden and the world.

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