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ADDY is the new revolutionary energy drink that provides all day energy without the crash, with just the right blend of caffeine and vitamins B12 and B6, The ingredients in ADDY were selected for their specific functional benefits.

New Launch: ADDY is an energy drink that comes in an 8.4 ounce can that is available in sugar or sugar-free. ADDY was created by professional beverage scientists. ADDY is the new revolutionary energy drink which provides a lasting energy rush thru out your day without the crash.

ADDY’s effect helps to increase alertness, attention, concentration, and also helps to improve reaction time, especially when fatigued. Ingredients were selected for their specific functional benefits and for the way they interact to provide added performance.

Most energy drinks you need to keep drinking throughout your day without crashing. With ADDY all you need is one 8.4 ounce can to get you through your exhausting day or your strenuous workout or whatever the task may be that you would like to accomplish.

We are proud of the positive feedback that we are getting from customers who have tried ADDY for the first time, many of whom said they wouldn’t drink any other energy drink after trying it. They were amazed at the amount of energy they had after only drinking one can and also they love the taste.

Our mission now is to communicate the benefits of ADDY to all that seek an energy drink that actually works.

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