Professional Manufacturer of Animal Enclosures Mesh Announces New Zoo Bird Netting & Leopard Barrier Netting Applications

Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd is the professional manufacturer of stainless steel rope mesh products that have varied applications in zoo bird netting for keeping a wide variety of animals and birds in a safe enclosure.

Since 1991, Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd has been manufacturing stainless steel mesh caging and enclosures and supplying them to various clients across the world. The company specializes in producing high quality and hand woven stainless steel netting products that could easily be tailor made to meet customer’s unique bird or animal caging requirements. The company excels in the handmade technology and supplies netting products with custom designs.

Animal Enclosures Mesh

The animal enclosures mesh productsthat the company supplies are highly customizable with different types of fence panels. The high quality animal enclosures are made of stainless steel ropes that are lightweight, durable and flexible. The enclosures are easy to set up and come with a significant product life cycle of over 30 years. With a great impact resistance the enclosure can withstand a large breaking force and is safe for keeping animals safe and protected.

The company has now announced zoo bird netting applications that are even more durable and safe for keeping a variety of birds, such as parrots, eagles, flamingos and others. The bird netting fences are made of high quality stainless steel cables of various diameters for a customer to choose from. The cables are junk-proof and remain in good conditions in different environmental conditions. They have extra large size bird netting applications that are quick and easy to install. Available in a wide variety of designs, the netting offers a great appearance to the zoo visitors and improves their experience.

One can also have a look on their leopard barrier netting that has been designed to keep fierce animals, like leopards, panthers and cheetahs. The mesh acts as a barrier between these animals and humans visiting the zoo, and helps keep all of them safe. Made of high quality stainless steel ropes, one can choose different opening sizes for the cage for safe entry and exit of the animal. Customized sheet size is available for creating animal barrier netting that exactly meets customer’s specifications.

One can learn more about their animal and bird caging applications and choose from the best specifications by visiting the website:

About Hebei Metal Mesh Ltd

Hebei Metal Mesh supplies various specification flexible stainless steel rope mesh for applications in many fields, such as zoo animal cages, zoo animal enclosure, zoo bird netting, zoo aviary mesh for tigers, for leopards, for lions, for monkeys, for deer, for various kind of birds, parrots, eagles and so on.

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