Kuester Management Company Highlights Ways HOAs can Go Green and Improve Environmental Friendliness

Kuester Management Group shares tips for HOAs to not only protect the environment but also help cut costs as well through more environmentally friendly practices.

In recent years people have become more aware than ever of the need to protect the planet and environment. While they’re making changes in their own homes and lifestyles, there are initiatives that homeowners associations can take to “go green” as well. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group outlines a variety of ways HOAs can be more proactive in protecting the environment which can also help them save money in the long run.

“Homeowners look to the HOA to be responsible and respectful, and this means not only to members but to the community and environment as a whole,” explains Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “By doing its part to protect the environment, the HOA can set a positive example for homeowners and also save money at the same time. Many green initiatives have many benefits that extend beyond the more obvious environmental ones.”

A major source of waste for many HOAs comes in the form of paper waste, says Kuester. With all of the technology available, HOAs should be optimizing their use. This can mean gathering and updating email addresses to send communications electronically and posting information on the community website or social media channels. While physical copies of governing documents should be kept on hand, these materials can also be put online so that homeowners have instant access and documents are easier to find. Making use of electronic records, invoices, statements, and payment options can also cut down on paper waste.

Kuester also encourages HOAs to take a closer look at their energy use. Setting outside lights on timers – and adjusting them throughout the year to coincide with sunrise and sunset – or motion sensors can keep them from running unnecessarily. Heat, air conditioning, and lights in community buildings can be managed in much the same way. Kuester also recommends replacing old or outdated appliances with energy efficient ones when the time comes. Not only is this better for the environment, it can save on electric bills as well.

“Eco-friendly landscaping has also become more popular,” says Kuester. “Talk to your landscaping company about using native plants or those that are more hardy to reduce the amount of water needed for upkeep. Strategic placement of trees and shrubs can also protect buildings from heat and cold throughout the year reducing energy bills. Another option is to set sprinkler systems to run early in the morning or later at night when it’s cooler and the water can soak into the ground instead of being evaporated by the heat from the sun. Installing rain sensors can also protect against over watering.”

Although some of these changes can take time and cost a little more money upfront, Kuester notes that they can pay off in the long run. HOAs can also encourage members to take advantage of recycling programs and energy conservation methods within their own homes to make a stronger impact on protecting the environment. Going green is not just a passing fad – it’s here to stay, and HOAs can use this to their benefit as well as that of their community.


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