ISIS Reporting Center will help curb the growing Islamic radicalism over the internet

This new system named ISIS Reporting Center, which is currently under development, will help stop the growing number of radical Islamic propaganda websites and social media accounts that promote terrorism. The system will allow the web users to report such accounts and websites that are attempting to radicalize refugees and other people from countries such as Europe, the United States, and Australia to promote terrorism.

The new ISIS reporting system will eliminate this shortcoming as the software is designed to check against the bulk list of users. The software will update this list on their official website and twitter account for others to see. But, they faced difficulty in posting to the Twitter account too because of privacy issues and the tweets were censored by the Twitter staff.

 At present, the system is completely dependent on funding received from the masses and for that it has also been launched on the crowd funding platform, The creators of the system plan to build a whole network to search through the thousands of pages of intelligence collected over social media and search engines to detect any potential radicalism.

The first step in this project is to build a website where the users can report any suspicious online activity or websites involved in promoting radicalism. The system will fill the gap between the citizens and the law enforcement officials, who’ll be able to take the required action sooner by getting informed.

The ISIS reporting website received good response from the users and there were many cases of such websites being reported which resulted in taking down or shutting down of those websites. The extremists were not to be happy with the system and they even posed threats to the developers of ISIS reporting center.

The existing process of reporting the Pro ISIS members included radicals groups of three being posted by a bot which led to shutting down of the entire batch of users. It was a bit difficult to keep a track of which users are active, suspended, or deleted/renamed.

The makers of this system have the aim to fight against radical Islam online and now with their new system they wish to bring a revolution and contribute in coping up with world terrorism. The Internet is a vast source of communication and ISIS reporting center believes that online radicalism needs to be stopped to curb terrorism. The users view more information and back the project here:

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