Make Fake Doctors Note Launches New Website To Help People Get Notes Without Bills

Make Fake Doctors Note is a website that enables individuals to source and even create doctors notes, so they can define their own capabilities without expensive consultation.

When individuals are facing illnesses, ailments and even disabilities and impairments, many employers, teachers and other authorities require written verification from a doctor that a condition is in fact real. This is punishing to those without the money to be able to easily afford regular assessments, examinations and other probing investigations to be undertaken simply to tell them what they themselves already know. Make Fake Doctors Note is a new website that will help people create a note that is identical to the real thing without the expense or humiliation.

The website is fully and comprehensive, assessing many methods of being able to create a convincing doctors note which can be used to excuse individuals from school, work, physical labor or other activities which may exacerbate their condition unnecessarily.

The website ( features in depth and insightful articles written in plain English, with clear steps, advice and guidance on how to make the most of each of the options available. Best of all, every article on the site is concise and clear, so individuals needn’t pore over information for hours in order to find what they need to do.

A spokesperson for Make Fake Doctors Note explained, “We are excited to be able to launch this new and much needed resource to help people save money, time, and self-esteem when they are told they require a doctor’s note. The website has been created to be transparent and easy to use, encouraging individuals to take matters into their own hands and not to rely on a system that enables doctor’s surgeries to scalp individuals for a simple endorsement of fact. We look forward to being able to help more people gain independence than ever before in 2016.”

About Make Fake Doctors Note: Make Fake Doctors Note is a unique online resource that enables people to find actionable advice on getting artificial doctors notes for a variety of requirements and purposes. The site features original, high quality material created by a dedicated team of writers and researchers who want to help people get the freedom to determine their own capabilities without submitting to embarrassing assessments. For more information please visit:

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