Greener Hydroponics offering Smart pots and fabric pots at low prices

February 22, 2016 – Greener Hydroponics, anadvanced horticulture supply company specializes in organic nutrients, grow lights and plant potting systemsfor both hobbyist and commercial growers is offering Smart pots and fabric potsat industry low prices.

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to traditional plastic nursery pots then Smart Pots are the answer. These grow bags aremade of alight weight fabric materialwhich allows both water and air to move freely throughout the plants rooting system.The aeration created by these bagshelps the plants to improve root growth due to increased availability of oxygen and water. This air pruning makes Smart Pots an ideal choice for growing larger and healthier plants due to the resulting increase in size of the plants rooting system. The larger and healthier the rooting system the larger and healthier the plant and its yield will be.

All fabric pot brands offered by Greener Hydroponics are made of breathable fabric material which is known to last in the range of 10 years, very comparable to traditional nursery pots.When receiving a fabric pots simply unfold the pots and load the soil of your choice and insert the plant just below the surface of the pot. There is no need to worry about over watering your plants in fabric bags as it facilitates quick and thorough drainage. Issues like root rot are far less common in fabric growing containers because of their great drainage abilities eliminating stagnate water from gathering in the bottom of the container. An increased rooting area, higher yields, healthier plants, ease to move, higher resistance to disease and the fact they are reusable season after season are just a few of the reasons fabric pots are superior to plastic pots.

The brand name “Smart Pot” was first developed in the late 1970’s and have been used in the commercial nursery industry ever since. They can be used to grow just about any plant you can imagine from backyard herbs and vegetables to commercial size trees. Several university side by sidestudies have been conducted proving the great effects these aeration containers can have. You can learn more about the all the fabric grow bags Greener Hydroponics offers by clicking the following link

As spring time is just around the corner, garden enthusiasts and commercial plant growers are stocking up on Smart Potsby taking advantage of the great prices at Greener Hydroponics

About Greener Hydroponics:Greener Hydroponics is the work of a team of gardening enthusiasts who wished to make the purchase of bulk specialized gardening supplies faster and more affordable. They specialize in quick ship times and have some of the lowest prices in the industry through the online catalog. 

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