SHOW4ME: The Crowdfunding Platform that Makes Your Soul Sing

London, UK – SHOW4ME is a new niche crowdfunding platform dedicated to showbiz that launched in 2015. Musicians can use this platform to support their art in a number of ways, including funding shows and tours, producing albums and singles, and producing music videos. SHOW4ME is also a place where music fans can connect with bands and artists they love and pledge to projects in exchange for exclusive rewards and access to shows.

“Music heals our souls. According to historical studies, music was born about 50,000 years ago and after such a huge period, it is still a big part of our lives,” the team says, “SHOW4ME is a platform where you can find well-known musicians and aspiring stars – ready to create music for us.”

Want to launch a music related crowdfunding campaign, but not sure what platform to choose? What could be better than a platform focused specifically on your industry! Other crowdfunding platforms cover such a broad range of categories. How do you know that yours will get any attention? With SHOW4ME, you can be sure that everyone’s interests are aligned. Music and showbiz are the focus for the artists using the platform, the fans pledging, and the team running the whole thing.

SHOW4ME is free for fans, and it is an all-or-nothing platform so if you pledge to a campaign that doesn’t reach its goal, you get your money back. SHOW4ME charges organizers a 6% fee, but that fee is incorporated into the total amount that you raise before you launch your campaign. This helps you make sure you raise all the funds you need to complete your project on budget. 

“The main factor which gives life to every business in the modern world is funding and showbiz is no exception,” the creators explain, “SHOW4ME platform starts a new era of fundraising for showbiz. Whoever you are – musician, producer, concert agency, concert promoter, record label you can get the necessary funding for concert organization, music and music video production. Be the first to take a step into the future.”

For more information, please visit the SHOW4ME website here

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