A New Service That Educates And Protects Gun Owners Has Been Launched Called American Consolidated Protection

There’s a new service that seeks to educate Gun owners and protect them when they find themselves needing legally, financially and emotionally help. It’s called American Consolidated Protection

According to a study published in the journal Injury Prevention, one-third of Americans owns a licensed firearm. Owning a firearm is a right, but when things go wrong that right can seem like a nightmare. A new service has been launched that helps to protect licensed gun owners when things go wrong; that service is called American Consolidated Protection.

American Consolidated Protection was set up to educate and protect gun owners, providing support when needed. They offer their members legal, financial, educational and emotional support. There are two plans to choose from, both important and both offer a valuable service. Both services give licensed gun holders peace of mind they have support if things go wrong. A member can gain a legal defense if they have used their gun for self-defense. The two services include the Basic Plan and the Premium Plan.  

The Basic plan provides:

    Complete Criminal Defense

    Complete Civil Defense

    24/7/365 Incident response number

    $200 per day time off work compensation

    Crisis Manager

    Non-Emergency Legal Referal Network

    Coverage includes minor children living in the home

     Videos and Articles by firearms experts

    Expert witnesses and investigators included

While the Premium plan includes:

    Coverage applies to all legal incidences of  self-defense; ie. No conceal carry permit necessary 

    Benefits apply in all 50 states

    Up to $50,000 Bail Bond protection

    Gun Replacement up to $1000

    Post incident Grant up to $5000 for non-legal expenses

    $500 per day time off work compensation

    No additional cost for Multi-State Coverage

    No additional cost for expert witnesses or investigators

    No additional cost for minor children living in the home

    No additional cost for bail bonds

When owning a firearm, it becomes a big responsibility, and everyone in the USA should have that right to feel protected. However, when things to go wrong, the law is not always on the gun owners side. American Consolidated Protection has quickly become one of the most important services for gun owners, not only to help them with legal help when needed, but also through the education they offer from gun experts. The service has been seen as the way forward to firearms owners, and a way that owners can feel truly full protected.

To learn more about American Consolidated Protection, please visit http://www.carryacp.com/sign-up-now

About American Consolidated Protection

American Consolidated Protection offers firearm owners full support and protection when needed. They provide many valuable services, which include legal defense for criminal and civil cases. The service allows a gun owner to feel they have the full support if their gun has to be used, and allows them to know they have a large company and team behind them.

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