Snoopcode launches Indiegogo campaign to empower Indian students through coding skills

To empower millions of children and youth across the country, SnoopCode has launched a mission to provide basic programming and computer knowledge to them. They have launched an Indiegogo campaign for the same with a goal of raising $100,000 USD. The campaign is inspired by the fact that every year millions of Indians graduate with a degree in engineering or computer science yet a large number of them face unemployment or working in under paid or under qualified jobs.

With the help of the fund raising campaign SnoopCode aims to empower these students with coding and computer science skills so that they can have more opportunities for their career and a better future. The pilot project will include a full set of coding curriculum in various technologies, containing video, text and content in different programming languages.

Going by their slogan “making India a coding nation”, Snoopcode’s project will help millions of students across the country in learning to code in at least 6 months without having to pay any extra charges. To accomplish the same, the pilot project will also partner with various companies and startups which may hire the students enrolled in the 6 month coding program. Overall, this project will increase the skills set of the students and increase their employability chances by up to 100%.

Prabhakar Undurthi, the creator of the Indiegogo project explains why this project is highly relevant and necessary in the current scenario, “8 out of 10 students end up without a job after graduating from college due to lack of industry skills and practical programming knowledge. It becomes important for them to learn the coding skills that are necessary for working into the industry successfully.”

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Through the SnoopCode project, the students will enhance their skill set while also get the right mentorship from industry experts. The owners of the project have urged the masses to support the project which is dedicated to empower the youth and children everywhere in the country whether a big city or a small village. The backers can contribute to the campaign to support millions of youngsters in having a better future while also earn some exciting rewards through the Indiegogo campaign. More information about the project can be found on

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