DSimpsonBooks Launches The Syrup Maze – Author’s Son’s Amazing Journey through Recovery

DSimpsonBooks is the official website of lifestyle author Debbie Simpson, where she showcases her work as an author focusing on a gluten free diet for people suffering from celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The website recently launched Debbie’s upcoming book: The Syrup Maze, which is now available for ordering. The Syrup Maze is an inspirational journey through recovery from a traumatic brain injury while following a gluten-free diet throughout.

“My son – My hero. From severe traumatic brain injury to complete recovery. Was he changed? Of course he was. Who wouldn’t be? (We all were.) We were blessed with such an amazing recovery and inspired by his direction forward.” Author Debbie wrote of her son’s passage through his tough ordeal and remarkable recovery. She added: “The book includes the struggles we faced with gluten free in the hospital and in rehab–mistakes that were made. We should be able to expect safe food when there is a medically required diet–but too often, this isn’t the case.”

The revised edition of The Syrup Maze, that is available from February 19, 2016, features the remarkable story of a mother’s tireless love and commitment towards her children. The latest edition also includes updates from Debbie’s son, Michael, and his friend/passenger, who also sustained a severe TBI. As the author, Debbie hopes that Michael’s journey–from the point where doctors told his family that they were treating his body in case he wakes up, to the point where he has fully recovered, with no cognitive, speech, or motor deficits, and no memory loss or pain–will inspire and motivate others facing a difficult life challenge.

Prior to The Syrup Maze, Debbie has written a series of books for school children suffering from celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. After being diagnosed with celiac disease in September of 2000, she has been involved in celiac awareness and has thus been able to understand the challenges people, especially children with this condition, have to go through on a daily basis. 

For more information about Debbie and her books please visit: http://www.dsimpsonbooks.com/

About: Debbie Simpson’s passion and dream is for kids and adults who need to be gluten-free because of celiac or non-celiac gluten sensitivity to be diagnosed properly and to be safe and included at school, in hospitals, and wherever such people must depend on others for food (and where much more education is needed.) Debbie is the mother of three grown children, a grandmother, a teacher, and a parent educator.

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