Rockethomes provides one stop solution for sourcing all needs to building a home

The newly launched India-based startup Rockethomes is gaining quite popularity among people in the country looking for housing and construction needs. The company simplifies the process of construction and home improvements for individuals aiming to build their own house or businessmen trying to build a commercial building by offering them convenient solutions for procuring construction material online, hiring a contractor along with options for home décor, fittings and landscaping.

Unlike the hundreds of other real estate companies, Rockethomes does not offer buying or selling of properties but it provides a platform for people looking to build their own houses in finding construction material online, get in touch with an expert contractor and support for building interiors.

The main aim of the start-up company is to provide a convenient guide to people looking for building their houses where they can find all the home building solutions at one place. Since most of the people are reluctant to explore the physical stores for finding construction material, the company offers a platform where people can find all the resources and material for building their dream home.

The startup was founded by Arnab Ghosh in 2014 and launched in July 2015 with an aim to build a marketplace where people can not only find all the construction material conveniently but also speak to the construction experts and hire the installation contractors.

The startup offers valuable advice to its customers on the type of construction material to buy, where to buy and how much it will cost among others. This consultation is offered by experts in their fields such as certified architects, interior designers, engineers, who thoroughly guide the customers having less or no knowledge about the construction market.

The startup is gaining steady popularity among the customers in India, especially in metro cities. “First, we want to establish a strong foothold in Delhi-NCR and then eventually move on to cover the markets of Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai,” says Arnab.

Another interesting and useful service offered by the startup is the ‘snap your purchi’ system which allows the user to upload the picture of the material list or directions provided to them by their workforce or contractor. One of the company’s contractors will create a whole cart based on the ‘purchi’ (list) which the customer can check out with just one click. Ultimately, the company is aimed to put the client satisfaction and convenience as a priority.

Building a house or a commercial building is already much of a hassle and that is why Rockethomes is built on the idea of making it little easier for the people to order the construction material online or find a qualified contractor to set the foundation of their dream home.

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