makes it among top 10 best cougar dating sites

Cougars dating site has been ranked by datingreview sites as the top 10 cougar dating sites. The website provides a convenient platform for the cougars to look for younger men and seek cougars or sugar mommas for the young men. Cougars, the name given to women who’re generally 40 years or above and date younger men, are admiring the dating website that helps them find a suitable partner.

Cougar website and dating trend are taking the new generation by storm, breaking all the decade old conventions and stereotypes of the society when only the man was supposed to be the bread winner of the family. A number of cougars are now setting up new rules for the partnership where they’re the ones running a family and have a guy beside them to support them emotionally and personally. And, some of the best cougar dating sites are offering a platform to the teenagers or young men to find such empowered, independent and rich cougars while ensuring their privacy.

Seekingcougar is one of the popular cougar website which features members from countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, United States. The website allows all the rich and gorgeous cougars looking to find a young man to register freely on site and start their search. Whether they are looking for a long term relationship or just a handsome toy boy, the website features more than 5 million members, including all kinds of men and women to search from.

Society has always been accepting of a relationship where the man is much elder to the woman but now these new age and powerful women are breaking the rules by stepping forward and dating guys who’re much younger to them. Not only by the cougars, this sort of relationships are liked by several men too, who don’t want any unnecessary drama in the relationship and prefer woman with more maturity.

In this type of releationship, the guy can focus towards their studies or goals while the already successful cougar is providing financial support to him. The relationship is built on mutual understanding and sharing which has high chances to go a long way.

With 5 million members in total and  more than 100,00 members online on an average, dating website seekingcougar is gaining quite popularity among the powerful women and young men having a unique preference of women.

The website is especially, concerned about the privacy of its members so that they can continue their quest for the potential mate without any worries. With an easy registration process, the users can start their search for a suitable partner. More information about the cougars dating site is available at

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