The Self Help Books Genre Gets Exciting New Addition With K.A. Hill’s Inspiring Book The Winners’ Guide

New Brunswick, NJ – Most of us are aware that we are probably not living up to our full potential in life on many different fronts. As we seem to be often stumbling from one life’s crisis to the next, we find ourselves losing focus on the things that count the most, including our goals. A fascinating new self-help book by Scottish author K.A. Hill provides just the right recipe to help folks get focused, get their priorities in the right order and commence a journey to a happier, more successful and much more rewarding existence. The book is called The Winners’ Guide and it was recently released on Amazon to impressive reader feedback and reviews.

The author is K.A. Hill, a down-to-earth, eternally positive and well focused Scottish author, entrepreneur and speaker. Hill has made it his personal life mission to inspire millions of people to escape the rat race, find their purpose and live their dreams. The Winners’ Guide, see here is a blueprint of how author Hill’s mission will be achieved.

Author K.A. Hill says as a result of the tougher than normal economic times across the globe, most people are working longer hours and often are forced into various kinds of mundane and unfulfilling jobs just to survive and pay their ever-escalating bills, taxes and debts. Hill says it’s a tough rat race for most folks but by training them to achieve the proper frame of mind as detailed in The Winners’ Guide, there is hope for improvement in all areas of life including financial success, relationship success as well as inner peace and contentment. Hill says when people get themselves into the right zone and make staying in that zone a new way of life, all aspects of life and personal fulfillment improvement dramatically.

The Winners’ Guide by K.A. Hill is an inspirational true story of how an unhappy, uneducated young man found himself frustrated in a boring job with no future, and working tirelessly just to make ends meet. Through an unfortunate chain of events but also with a stroke of luck, he became gifted with an inner knowledge that completely changed his life for the better. This knowledge propelled him on a breathtaking journey full of exciting twists and turns, romantic encounters, and incredible highs and lows. This roller coaster ride of events helped him find true love, success and happiness in the process. And lucky for the rest of us, its all detailed in his truly enlightening book.

About K.A. Hill

K.A. Hill is a Scottish born author living in Europe. He is available for speaking engagements, lectures and interviews. Contact information is available on The Winners Guide website here

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