The Bath Toy Organizer Company is \”Delighted\” with Response to it\’s New Product Launch

Customer Response Exceeds All Expectations

Following the launch of it product, the aptly named Bath Toy Company has today announced that they have been inundated with an overwhelmingly positive response to their product.

The Bath Toy Organizer may look like a simple product on the face of it, comprising a mesh net storage holder to hold everything from a child’s range of bath toys to shampoo and other bathroom necessities. But in many ways the simplicity in design belies the thought that went into every aspect of the products production.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one. Where, more often than not that simple solutions fails, is in their execution. For example, with the suction cups that are used to attach the storage basket to the wall of the bath. If the suction cups are too small and unable to hold the weight of a full basket then all of a sudden you end up with a bath full of toys and other items splashing into the water. Getting the size to weight ratio right and providing additional suction cups, so that our customers can weigh up whether or not to use the heavy duty cups, means that our bath toy organizer will never end up in the bath with the children”

They continued, “We are so happy that our customers seem to get what we were trying to achieve. I think the reviews speak for themselves”

Amazon reviewers have said;

“This an incredible and extremely nice toy net bag for ones kiddos and tub! This holds a lot off bath toys and allows them to air dry and not mildew or mold! It comes with 2 large suction cups and is easy to hang in the shower or tub! It is perfect for cleanup time after time spent playing and keeps things organized and safe!! “


I’m considering giving this to the grand kids for their bath toys. I also really like it, though, so I’m thinking it might be great to keep some of my bath items in. I like that it is net so that it isn’t going to hold water. Anything you put in it, like Konjac sponges, razors, the brush my daughter and I use to detangle our hair in the shower, nail brushes, pumice stones, etc… will dry faster because they will be practically hanging in open air by being in this awesome bath net.


“Perfect and simple”


this toy organizer is like a toy in itself, my toddler loves putting in and taking out the toys! durable and simple. a very good buy!”

“As you can see from what some of our customers have said, they seem to love the size, the design and it’s simplicity. Overall, we are delighted and couldn’t be more happy with the responses we have received”

The Bath Toy Organizer is available exclusively from Amazon USA and is still listed at a 50% discount through its launch period. The Organizer comprises of a mesh storage unit measuring 17 inches x 14 inches plus 4 suction cups that are used to attach the storage basket to the tile on the side of the bath. Two of these suction cups are extra heavy duty cups should they be required for holding heavier items. When not in use, they may be used for towels or dressing gowns etc.


The Toy Bath Organizer Company manufactures and distributes products to enhance safety in the bathrooms especially in the child safety in the home and bathroom. products manufactured by the company can be purchased via and more information can be found on The Bath Toy Organizer page

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