Modern Living with kathy ireland Features PepPod’s Healthy Energy Drink

Modern Living with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Jennifer Pearce and Brooks Fisher of PepPod
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(Los Angeles, CA—February 23, 2016) — Jennifer Pearce and Brooks Fisher from PepPod discuss their company’s role in providing healthy energy solutions for those with active lifestyles on Modern Living with kathy ireland.

Jennifer Pearce, Chief Executive Officer of PepPod, explains the features that place her company’s product out in front of the competition. PepPod is a single, citrus-flavored tablet that dissolves easily in water to provide a wealth of benefits, including increased energy level and focus, increased clarity and a feeling of emotional well-being. For busy people on the go, a single PepPod provides hours of relief from lethargy and stress, and it’s portable enough to travel anywhere.

PepPod’s chairman, Brooks Fisher, expounds upon the ingredients that make up the perfect storm that is this innovative energy supplement. Using a combination of over 75 plant-derived trace minerals, B vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, and caffeine that’s approximate to a single small cup of coffee, PepPod delivers the healthy jolt a body needs to get through a stress-filled day, a workout at the gym, or the next athletic competition all while providing a feeling of tranquility.

The perfect complement to a healthy diet, PepPod is sugar-free and diabetic-friendly, relying on the natural sweetener Stevia for flavor. At a mere five calories per tab, PepPod is one of the healthiest energy supplements on the market.

J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland, is proud to announce this segment that focuses on a healthy mind and body. “PepPod provides a healthy boost that’s good for you and that feels good too,” he stated. “And its advanced formula and easy portability are innovative perks that make this product stand out head-and-shoulders above the competition.”

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