Young Aspiring Writer Hits the Correct Chords about the Challenges Young Teenage Girls Face Today

February 23, 2016: Imagine being a young teenage girl full of hopes and aspirations for a brighter future. You associated yourself to other people who you feel share the same sentiment sas yours. You build your dreams together, expecting in the full benefit of strength in numbers and integrity in unity. But what if after all is said and done, these so-called friends have become the instrument of your destruction, of your downward spiral towards oblivion? Will you be able to pick yourself up? Or will you simply allow the winds of time blow away what remains of your shattered dreams?

This is what True Survivor hopes to convey to its readers. Written by Glenbard North High School junior student Shauntierra Wilson, True Survivor takes readers on the journey and struggles of Jasmine Davis, the main character, as she goes through the same travails many teenage girls of today have to go through.

“True Survivor is an excellent book for young girls who have strong belief in the power of the will, in being strong minded. The book reflects the prevailing experiences of every single teenage girl. It mirrors the how young girls of today can easily lose their way in the turbulent period of establishing one’s identity,” comments Shineka, one of Wilson’s avid readers. Shineka adds, “Young teenage girls of today have the tendency to give in to negative peer pressure which is often made worse by the feeling of being abandoned or left out by the very same people you consider to be your closest friends.” She goes on to add, “While it is true that mothers may not necessarily always know what is best for us, they nonetheless know that they have to look out for our best interest.”

Shauntierra Wilson’s Jasmine Davis epitomizes what the average teenage girl has to go through today. And while psychologists have long argued that the teenage years are one of the most turbulent periods in an individual’s life. Adolescents are in a limbo-esque stage wherein they want to be considered as adults but don’t want the responsibilities and accountabilities associated with maturity. As such, they do tend to do things that are considered by many adults as grossly reckless. As such, many succumb to peer pressure, engaging in drugs, sex, alcohol, and other vices resulting in HIV infections, STDs, and teenage pregnancies as well as other personal phenomena. These have been creatively woven into a story by Wilson in her book True Survivor with Jasmine Davis providing the reflection upon which young teenage readers are encouraged to introspect.

As Sharese Wilson shared in her comment of the book, “The book speaks the truth. It hits home for most of us.”

Whether the book is inspired by a true story or not, Shauntierra Wilson’s take on a classic teenage dilemma more than validates her penchant for helping others like her to become more assertive with their own individuality. She goes on to profess that young girls need to have the courage to stand up for what is right and to never give in to temptations. It is also for this reason that Shauntierra Wilson has put up her Epic Destiny Youth Foundation to empower young girls to maintain hope and strive to achieve their dreams.

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