Wotech Solar Announces to Supply 30MW PV Modules for BIC Solar Project in Germany

Wotech Solar today announced that it has secured contracts to supply 30MW AC (30MW DC) of MaxPower wotechsolar Poly260w solar panels and 30 medium voltage power stations for the BCI Solar project in Germany. This solar project, developed by AttkRenewable Energy Gmbh. will be built in the south of Wallersdorf Germany.

The power plant is expected to produce approximately 43,200MWh of electricity per year, sufficient to power approximately 3,800 wotech solar green roof- homes. It will also contribute to a greener environment by displacing approximately 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually over the 20-year period of the power purchase agreement with the IESO.

Wotech Solar to Supply 30MW PV Modules for BIC Solar Project in Germany

Dr. YU, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wotech Solar, commented, “We are pleased to announce this news, By combining our advancements in solar innovation with our old partner in Germany, this facility highlights the power and potential of clean energy in Germany.”

Meanwhile, Wotech solar announced that they have set a update record for a high-efficiency p-type multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si) solar cell.The record-breaking p-type multi-crystalline silicon solar cell was fabricated on a high-quality mc-Si substrate with a process that integrates advanced Honey Plus technologies including back surface passivation and local back surface field. The 156×156 mm2 solar cell reached a total-area efficiency of 21.25%. This result has been independently confirmed by Lab in Germany.We are very pleased to announce the new efficiency results Laboratory of PV . To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time ever that a multi-crystalline silicon solar cell has been able to achieve a conversion efficiency of over 20%,” said “ Ye Vice-President and Chief Scientist of Wotechsolar. “This exciting result shows that the development path toward higher efficiencies continues to be bright, even for silicon. Our aim is to continuously integrate innovative technological developments to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of our PV products. This technology advancement in efficiency will strengthen our leadership in the PV industry and allow us to continue providing affordable solar power to the world.”

By the way, we have already built our own manufacture in Malaysia besides our manufacture in China, we sent solar module to our Frankfurt and Hamburg, Rotterdam warehouse .

The quantity is about 8 containers each month. We will keep more goods in our warehouse. Mostly,the popularsize :All full black monocrystalline 260w/ black monocrystalline 265, Polycrystalline 250w/ polycrystalline 260w,Importantly, the goods has already customs cleared by our Germany company,Which is very convenient for our customer to take goods when they needs. Anyway, we hope that we can expand our marketshare in European country.

Wotech Solar to Supply 30MW PV Modules for BIC Solar Project in Germany


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