Shanghai Weiye Emerges As a Worldwide Supplier of Optic Fiber Cable Equipment

With their advanced SZ stranding line and Secondary coating line, Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has established itself as the global supplier of optical fiber cable equipment.

With their specialization in the research and manufacturing of quality optical cable machinery and equipment for over 15 years now, Weiye OFC Equipment Company is a global leader, supplying their equipments around the world. The company has a great range of equipments with ergonomic designs and easy to use features for companies in the optical fiber installation and maintenance business to improve their performance and excel in the industry.

 Shanghai Weiye Emerges As a Worldwide Supplier of Optic Fiber Cable Equipment

The China based company has the complete optic fiber cable equipment range for companies to carry out their cable installation and maintenance task with ease and efficiency. They have good quality equipments with high working speed and are highly automatic to perform the task in a simple but efficient manner. The engineers of the company continuously endeavor to improve the product quality and add features that can help improve the performance of the technicians of a fiber cable installation company.

The company spokesperson reveals that they can supply the SZ stranding line that matches the European standards. For stranding fiber loose tubes, the line is often recognized as an important tool by the worldwide companies. With a great working speed, the stranding line offers a great performance and works in an automated environment with its PLC and touchscreen control system. The line clocks a maximum SZ oscillator speed of 1800 rpm and ensures stranding of fiber tubes at a significant speed.

Shanghai Weiye specializes in the Secondary coating line that consists of up to 24 Optical fiber pay-off and has the maximum working speed of 600m/min. The electrical control system with PLC and touchscreen allows operating the machine in a comfortable and user-friendly manner. The coating line comes with the hot water trough and tank and also cooling trough and chiller for operating in an automated environment and maintaining its production capacity.

According to the spokesperson, they have been supplying their fiber cable equipments around the world and they have a long list of customers that procures machinery and equipment from them on a regular basis. To learn more about the equipments they offer and to place an order, one may visit the website‚Äč.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye has been researching and manufacturing optic fiber cable equipment since 1998. The company’s products include fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line and so on. The company’s market share and equipment’s performance are highly acknowledged in China and worldwide.

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