Find Out What Professional Self-Publishing Is from Publishing Services Consultant Lisa Akoury-Ross

Lisa Akoury-Ross saw a gap between what authors and big publishing houses were producing. She launched SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to narrow this gap and help independent authors publish their work professionally and cost effectively.

Publishing Services Consultant Lisa Akoury-Ross appeared on the Business Innovators Radio Show recently to discuss the difference between self-publishing and professional self-publishing. Business Innovators Magazine and online radio spotlights noteworthy business experts and people from around the globe innovating in their industry.

Akoury-Ross launched SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to help authors professionally publish their work independently and cost effectively. SDP offers a wide range of publishing solutions, from literary agency representation to worldwide marketing and independent publishing. They also offer services to authors such as editorial and writing coaching services, custom book cover design, layout, marketing and publicity for both the print and e-book platforms.

“Just because you’re self-publishing doesn’t mean you don’t need professional help,” says Akoury-Ross. “I am continually amazed at how few services there are available to authors who are self-publishing in terms of developmental, editorial and marketing help.”

One of the areas Lisa feels authors skimp on is editing which hurts the quality and reader feedback on their books. Lisa’s team works hard to match authors with editors with the same genre expertise and personality.

After meeting with an author, SDP will assign two, and in some cases three different editors covering developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading. For certain projects, some editors can perform both the developmental editing and copy editing. Then the manuscript goes on to a proofreading editor. Lisa feels this is a big reason professionally self-published books turn out so much better than an author going it alone. Having multiple editors and their different sets of eyes on a manuscript is critical to upgrading the final produced book.

SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of other services to help authors self-publish, including representation, design, project management and marketing.

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Lisa Akoury-Ross began serving the largest publishers in the world in the medical, education and trade industries over two decades ago. Starting with unedited manuscripts, her family business provided full publishing services for Pearson Education, Houghton Mifflin, Aspen Law & Business and others. Lisa launched SDP Publishing Solutions, LLC to help authors independently publish their work professionally and cost effectively.

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