Popular Moving App Builds Momentum

Zootly aims to become the biggest moving company in the world, yet owns no moving trucks.
Signs are beginning to point to another successful technology story.

The best new apps match customers to more efficient and lower cost services.  Clearly, Uber knocked it out of the park by providing an app that quickly matches transportation needs with available drivers for typically a better price over taxi cabs.  Uber is now the world’s largest taxi company yet owns no cars. Similarly, AirBnB and Priceline have become the largest bookers of hotel rooms yet own no hotel rooms.

Now, Zootly aims to become the biggest moving company in the world, yet owns no moving trucks.  Zootly, based in New York, provides technology solutions that bridge the gap between the capacity of moving and logistics companies with the demand of commercial and residential customers.  

The result is a win-win for both moving companies and the customer. 

Through a relationship with Zootly, small and mid-sized moving companies can compete with larger companies that have greater purchasing power; can utilize modern digital solutions to streamline its business and grow its customer base; can capitalize on the reputation of a huge brand name; and can win jobs when trucks suddenly become available. 

Movers love Zootly because the on-demand service and quick connections help them reduce their underutilized resources (typically moving companies will have upwards of 50% underutilization at any time). Movers can save money on sales and marketing costs because Zootly brings them qualified leads. 

Customers win because they are getting trusted professionals (no more moving horror stories about sketchy movers and moving companies), pre-set costs and they can use the Zootly app to track the trucks and their stuff.

Zootly solves existing commercial and residential consumer logistics challenges by providing consolidated home delivery and movement services.  Similar to UPS and FedEx in parcel delivery, Zootly will become an international service provider that can offer an end-to-end network with leading logistics capabilities and technology to sustain best-in-class logistics performance.  Rather than being dedicated to a specific retailer, product category, or geographic location, Zootly will service a pool of commercial clients and residential users.  Zootly will unlock value – building scale advantage and reducing coordination complexity – by performing a crucial set of logistics integration activities that are thus far absent or underdeveloped in the market.

This month, Zootly rolled out its much anticipated Partner Dispatch Solution to all its moving partners.  This allows partners to accept and decline orders from the Zootly platform, dispatch orders to their trucks and drivers, manage their trucks and drivers associated with the Zootly platform, monitor their orders in real-time and deliver orders using the Zootly Driver App.

In a recent update, CEO George Colwell stated, “We’re seeing positive momentum.  Customers appreciate the services that Zootly provides.  We continue to see the excellent customer service ratings and that will remain critical as we move forward.”

In December 2015, Zootly completed a new round of financing adding approximately USD$3 million to the company.  Zootly will be exhibiting at the American Moving & Storage Association’s (AMSA) 97th Education and Expo Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 20-23.

Additionally, Bruce Bowser, President and CEO of AMJ Campbell Van Lines, a Canadian moving company and one of North America’s largest independent moving companies, has recently been appointed to the Board of Managers at Zootly.  Since taking over as President of AMJ in 1997, it has grown revenues from $34 million to more than $250 million today.  Management at Zootly is excited to have Mr. Bowser’s network, guidance and industry insight at the board level, and equally excited by the opportunities a close partnership with AMJ Campbell will provide to Zootly.

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