Eugene Marriage Counselor Pledges Measurable Positive Results With Simple Yet Effective Three Step Relationship Formula

The marriage counseling service helps couples overcome negative problems in their life. It provides couples to see past the negatives with a positive outcome. A leading marriage counselor called Max Vogt, PHD, provides the service. He can offer his experience through Skype, Phone or Live Session (if local).

A leading marriage counselor is offering his skills and experience to help married couples stay married and overcome the negative problems they may have. When a couple has emotional problems and negative problems in their marriage and do not seek help, it can increase the risk of a marriage breakdown and divorce. Max Vogt, PhD, the leading Eugene Marriage Counselor provides a service that helps married people to stay married by working through problems and guiding them on a path that overcomes those problems with positive results.

The service is provided through Skype, Phone, or Live Session if they are local to the practice at 329 W. 4th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401. Max Vogt, PhD, who has been a therapist since 1983, and exclusively with couples since 1993, has developed a highly effective approach that helps couples fix problems in their marriage. With his success rate, it has resulted in couples that thought they were at the end of their marriage to turn their life around and continue to be married. His three-step relationship formula has received attention from around the world and has helped couples to stay married as far afield as the UK.

Recent figures by the Huffington Post revealed that 50 percent of marriages in the USA end in divorce. A person who is on their third marriage has a 73 percent chance of the marriage ending, showing that person has not learned from the problems in their first or second marriage. According to another report, someone gets divorced every 13 seconds, which is quicker than it takes someone to exchange his or her marriage vows. The leading marriage counselor wants to see those figures lowered and want couples to fight for their marriage instead of fighting each other. The Eugene Marriage Counselor is a service that is available not just locally, but throughout the world through Skype and Phone.

Max Vogt, PhD said: “I have come across many couples who thought they were heading for divorce and could not understand what was wrong with their marriage. Through my service, I was able to help them remove those negative problems and keep them in a happy marriage.”

The leading marriage counselor has received positive reviews from his clients including:

“Many years ago, our marriage was essentially over. We bickered and yelled at each other constantly, slept apart and hated to come home. It was easy to blame each other for the seemingly insurmountable problems we were experiencing. Then we found Max. With his help, guidance, incredible insights and patience, our marriage changed. We learned new ways of communicating, started accepting each other and our fights lessened and stopped. We became close once more. Today our marriage of 38 years continues to flourish. Without a doubt, Max saved our lives and our marriage.”       – Margaret Black-Smith and Randy Smith

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About Max Vogt, PhD

He is a Ph.D. licensed psychologist in both Oregon (#2654) and California (#13317). Max Vogt, PhD has become one of the best know marriage counselors in the US due to his positive results.

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