Finally! Cooking Classes LIVE and interactive over the web

People who love to cook or are just beginning to cook and want to take their cooking to a new level can now take cooking lessons in their own home. The company provides the lessons online, live and interactively, which allows people to cook along, engage with instructors, and ask questions on the spot so they can complete a healthy gourmet meal with ease. What’s more they’ve got dinner ready to eat while enjoying making it with others.

Eugene, Oregon participant Arthur Palsbo II, a first time Home Chef Workshop student and a novice cook surprised himself with his newfound skills. Arthur did all the chopping, sautéing and plating himself and got instant feedback when he needed it. In the class, all the participants got to show off what they cooked and received pointers and praises from the teachers and fellow students. After cooking a Southeast Asian menu of Chicken Adobo, Coconut Ginger Squash and Steamed Jasmine Rice real time in 60 minutes, Arthur’s wife said, “Art astounded himself! We both enjoyed the meal!”

The Internet has allowed educational and social platforms to evolve so that learning at home is possible for almost anything. Home Chef Workshop teacher Marvy Schuman asserts, “This is the cooking trend of the future. Home Chef Workshop is bringing the cooking classroom into your kitchen.”

But beyond this, founders of Home Chef Workshop, Marlene del Rosario and Marilyn Santiago, also see the platform as a new social medium. Marlene del Rosario says, “What better way to gain confidence in cooking than using your own space and equipment while learning in an atmosphere of creative fun. Everyone is supportive and team-oriented and clearly committed to making better food.” Marilyn Santiago adds, “We’re serious about good healthy cooking but we also make it fun to learn together. Everyone, novice or expert cook, is getting something new when they come to a Home Chef Workshop course. There is a great bond created when you work together on a meal.”

Home Chef Workshop understands how more people want to cook at home instead of eating out; that is mainly in part to professional chefs such as Gordon Ramsey. With the increase in cooking shows on TV, more people have shown an interest in learning how to cook, but many don’t have the time to go to cooking school and take up part-time courses. With the introduction of LIVE and interactive cooking lessons, those interested in learning how to cook or improving their cooking skills can now learn at home. All they need is their own laptop or mobile devise, and they can start to gain skills to impress.

To celebrate the success of the online cooking classes, Home Chef Workshop is offering trial cooking classes for 99c until March 31st 2016. After that date classes will go to their normal price.

The online, interactive cooking classes can help people to learn how to cook from scratch; they can also help to teach people how to cook nutritiously delectable meals. “We envision a slower and more sustainable way of living through cooking healthy, beautiful, inspiring meals. Now with this 21st century medium, the Internet, we can reach a global audience that allows each people to appreciate a breadth of cultures from the hearth of their homes,” say founders Marlene and Marilyn.

Home Chef Workshop aims to change the way people learn to cook and want to encourage more people to cook from scratch with healthy ingredients instead of eating out or eating processed ready cooked meals.

With the cooking classes being live and interactive, students can ask any questions they may have. The classes are fun while learning a new skill. 

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About Home Chef Workshop

Home Chef Workshop provides live cooking classes over the web where people can learn how to cook gourmet and healthy meals. The classes are available online through a laptop or a mobile device. Classes run for sixty minutes and currently they are available at trial price of 99c.

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