Math Made Easy Releases New Pre-Algebra, Decimals and Percents DVDs for Common Core Math

New York  Math Made Easy, the mathematics instructional video company that has helped over a million kids improve their math skills, announced today that is has published two new video series for Pre-Algebraand Decimals and Percents. Taught by the acclaimed New York City math teacher Leonard Morochnick, the videos provide a methodical, intuitive guide to mastering a range of math challenges in the Common Core Curriculum. The videos make several potentially complicated topics easy to understand, featuring explanations illustrated with full-motion graphics in a dynamic and captivating presentation.

“Common Core math has left a lot of kids really struggling, kids who might be quite good students overall,” said Barry Reichman, CEO of Math Made Easy. “We solve this problem. We deliver confidence to students who are having trouble with Common Core pre-algebra, decimals and percentages.”

As detailed on the company’s website, Math Made Easy’s multi-DVD instructional video sets are consistent with the approach of the Common Core Curriculum. Each series provides problem solving strategies for all the concepts taught, accompanied by actual examples and step by step solutions. It helps students build their pre-algebra, decimals and percentage comprehension and master problem solving techniques.

The program is suited to in-classroom and homeschooling use, with a versatile format that offers a helpful resource to supplement existing courses or to provide a comprehensive review. Morochnick has taught math for many years at New York’s innovative Lab School. In his masterful teaching style, he highlights the important principles for students to remember, and, with his famous “do not make this mistake” prevents students from common pitfalls. 

About Math Made Easy

In 1985, a group of university math professors recognized the enormous potential of using emerging technology to help students study and review math at home. They formed a company and, over the next ten years, meticulously researched and developed multi-media tutorial review programs for elementary school, middle school, high school and college math. Today, Math Made Easy is the most dynamic and comprehensive series of math tutorials students can find anywhere. The company has successfully serviced more than 1 million satisfied students and over 10,000 schools, colleges and libraries. Math Made Easy is the #1 selling set of math tutorials in America and worldwide.

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