New Entrepreneur Incubator Launches Crowdfunded Publishing Effort

Organization launches startup and early stage entrepreneurs

Laurel, MD – February 24, 2016 – Entrepreneur Mastermind, a new virtual business incubator for startup and early stage entrepreneurs, has launched a grassroots effort to introduce more people to entrepreneurship.  That effort comes in the form of a book entitled “Mr. Paycheck Meets the Entrepreneur”.

The book, slated for release in June of 2016, uses an entertaining story format to communicate entrepreneurial principles and philosophies, in a way that is easily understood by aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are just embarking on their business journey.  The book offers an effective introduction to the world of entrepreneurship that can then be explored and enhanced by joining the Entrepreneur Mastermind organization.

“Entrepreneurship is a great vehicle for people to create more abundance in their lives,” says Glenn Garnes, founder of Entrepreneur Mastermind.  “I’m writing this book in hopes of filling a gap that exists in most people’s learning curve about the opportunities they have for more control over lifestyle outcomes by being in business for themselves…”

The Kickstarter campaign is Garnes’s effort to collaborate with more people to create the book and to participate in spreading the opportunity of entrepreneurship to others.  “Collaboration is an entrepreneurial principle that allows business minded people to get more done with less effort,” says Garnes.  “By inviting the very people who will benefit from the creation of the book to participate in spreading the word about it, we begin the teaching before they’ve even read it.”

“We hope to see thousands of people back and promote this campaign, since it is our mission to teach others how working together we can all achieve more,” explained Garnes. I think a crowdfunding campaign is the perfect vehicle for putting on display the power of collaboration”.

Campaign backers can select from a variety of rewards levels to support the publishing effort.  Those interested in participating can go to to back and promote the campaign.

For more information about the crowdfunding campaign or Entrepreneur Mastermind call (800) 306-6488, ext. 1.

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