OTC (Over The Counter) Drugs Market Is Anticipated To Reach By $ 243.36 billion By 2016 According To Radiant Insights

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The OTC Drugs Market: Commercial Trends and Rx-to-OTC Switch Prospects


GBI Research’s latest report, “The OTC Drugs Market: Commercial Trends and Rx-to-OTC Switch Prospects” discusses trends in the over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals market and the commercial prospects for switching drugs from prescription-only to OTC status. The report assesses current market drivers and restraints, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity and recent regulatory developments in key national markets. Furthermore, this report analyses leading therapeutic segments in the OTC drugs market, key brands, manufacturers and the potential for new product categories to be created as more prescription-only drugs from diverse therapy areas continue to be considered for OTC approval. Detailed case studies of recent Rx-to-OTC switches provide the rationale for these switches including description of their economic and financial impact.

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The OTC drugs market remains highly competitive and fragmented albeit leading companies continue to consolidate their market position through high-profile and strategic acquisitions. GBI Research expects M&A to remain very active in the coming years fueled by strategic long-term commercial priorities, as companies look to increase revenues through expanded OTC portfolios.

A positive regulatory outlook in key markets, due to new initiatives and frameworks looking to facilitate OTC approvals, will also prompt companies to seek access to new markets. The global OTC drugs market will continue to be largely driven by demographics, economic trends and changes in cultural attitudes towards self-medication. An increasing interest in self-medication in both developed and developing countries has been identified as a major contributor to market growth in recent years.

GBI Research conducted extensive primary and secondary research efforts in order to provide a comprehensive view of the regulatory, commercial and competitive landscape in the OTC drugs market. Our new report will let you assess the most promising commercial areas in the market and help you identify key opportunities and challenges.


• How do consumers, payers and manufacturers benefit from Rx-to-OTC switches?

• What are the key factors promoting the usage of OTC drugs?

Current trends in the OTC drugs market

• What attitudes do consumers have towards OTC drugs?

• How are new distribution channels, technologies and education reshaping the OTC drugs market?

• What will be the impact of new regulatory initiatives and frameworks on future Rx-to-OTC switches in key markets?

• What have been the preferred types of M&A deals in the OTC drugs market in recent years?

• Which OTC drug manufacturers have been the most active in terms of mergers and acquisitions in recent years?

• What are the current regulations and frameworks established in key developed and developing markets for OTC approval and Rx-to-OTC switches?

• Which OTC drug product categories and drug classes have experienced the most switches in recent years?

• Which new products categories are expected to enter the OTC drugs market in the coming years?

• What has been the economic and financial impact of recent Rx-to-OTC switches?

• Who are the leading OTC drug manufacturers and what are their OTC segments of interest?

Market analysis of the leading OTC product categories including cough, cold, and allergy, analgesics, gastrointestinal and dermatological drugs.

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This report will allow you to:

• Gain insights into the OTC drugs market and future prospects for Rx-to-OTC switches: This report comprehensively describes and assesses the commercial, regulatory and competitive landscape in this highly dynamic and lucrative industry.

• Understand differing regulatory frameworks for OTC drugs and Rx-to-OTC switches in key markets: This report provides insights about established regulatory processes, approval frameworks and recent developments in the US, Europe, Japan, India and China for OTC drugs.

• Assess M&A activity in the OTC drugs market: This report provides detailed analysis on M&A deals in recent years including trends on preferred types of deals, factors contributing to the surge in transactions and identifies the most active companies in the OTC drugs market.

• Assess the market for the leading OTC product categories: Our new study provides market analyses of the key product categories including revenues in key national markets, key brands, key manufacturers, market drivers, restraints, recent switches and potential candidates for future Rx-to-OTC switch.

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