China Integrated Circuit Industry Forecast to 2019 and Key Enterprises Profile

In 2014, integrated circuit industry in China reported sales revenue of CNY 267.2 billion with a year-on-year growth of 11.2% and a profit of CNY 21.2 billion with a year-on-year growth of 52%.

In 2014, USD 217.6 billion of integrated circuit was imported with a year-on-year decrease of 5.9% while only USD 60.9 billion was exported, decreasing 30.6%. Trade deficit continues to grow to USD 156.7 billion with a year-on-year increase of 9%, which shows the overall strength of integrated circuit is still weak.

Integrated circuit industry in China is highly concentrated in Yangtze River Delta including Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang as well as Pearl River Delta including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In 2014, integrated circuit reported a growth of 12.4% in output and a growth of only 8.7% in output value. Besides, its export volume rose by 7.6% yet export value dropped 30.6%. Such a phenomenon indicates that Chinese integrated circuit is low-end products whose prices keep going down.

Although China’s integrated circuit industry has made many progresses, the gap between it and advanced integrated enterprises must be envisaged. Leading international companies are 1-2 generations beyond China’s chip manufacturing in advanced technology. And their packaging &testing technology is more advanced too. Besides, IC design in China is just a start-up with single product. High-end integrated circuit relies on import. To secure their technological advantages, international giants has increased R&D investment.

For example, the big five semiconductor companies Intel, Qualcomm, TSMC, Quatek and Hynix have reported a R&D cost of 15.9% that is close to a five-year high. While local enterprises like Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation has reported an input less than 10% despite the fast growth in R&D investment. The experience of integrated circuit development has shown that inefficient investment in R&D might further widen the gap in severe competition.

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Governments at all levels have issued plenty of policies supporting the development of integrated circuit. In Feb.2014, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China issued the Outline of Promoting the Development of Integrated Circuit Industry which will serve as a guideline on the development of integrated circuit industry. Later investment funds for integrated circuit industry were issued and increased from CNY 100 billion to CNY 120 billion, improving market participants’ expectation and the attention paid to the industry. Meanwhile, local governments have issued supporting policies for integrated circuit.

Mobile communications has entered 4G era with over 80 million out of 1.28 billion users are 4G users. As 4G spreads faster than expected, the competition in domestic low-end market will become very fierce in the coming year. Against the short supply of phone chips, local integrated circuit manufacturers will take a share of the market too. The internet of things has developed fast in China and the demand for smart city, smart transport and industrial monitoring have kept increasing. According to CRI’s research, the market size of the internet of things has already exceeded CNY 600 billion and leads to a rising demand for sensors.

According to the People’s Bank of China, bank card with magnetic stripe will gradually be replaced by financial IC card. Currently, all commercial banks in China have begun to replace magnetic stripe card with financial IC card. And the number of financial IC card to be put into use is estimated to reach billions in the next few years in China. As China boasts of the largest consumer group of electronic terminal, the largest manufacturing base of electronic products as well as the largest consumer market of integrated circuit, there will be many development opportunities for integrated circuit industry in future.

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  • Chinese government’s policy supporting integrated circuit industry
  • competition in integrated circuit industry in China
  • import and export of integrated circuit in China
  • key enterprises of integrated circuit industry in China
  • expectation to integrated circuit industry in China

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Table of Contents:

1 Overview of Integrated Circuit Industry in China

1.1 Definition and Classification

1.2 Role of Integrated Circuit Industry in Chinese Economy

2 Development Environment of Integrated Circuit Industry in China

2.1 Macro-economy

2.2 Policy Environment

2.3 Technical Environment

3 Operation Analysis of Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2010-2014

3.1 Supply

3.2 Demand

3.3 Investment and Financing Analysis

4 Competition in Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2011-2015

4.1 Competition Analysis

4.2 Competitive Structure

4.3 Development Characteristics of Integrated Circuit Industry in China

5 Industrial Chain of Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2011-2015

5.1 Introduction to Industrial Chain

5.2 Upstream Industries of Integrated Circuit Industry

5.3 Downstream Industries of Integrated Circuit Industry

6 Analysis of Sub-industries of Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2010-2014

6.1 Integrated Circuit Design

6.2 Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

6.3 Integrated Circuit Packaging and Testing

7 Import and Export Analysis of Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2011-2014

7.1 Import

7.2 Export

8 Key Enterprises in Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2013-2015

8.1 Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

8.2 Zhonghuan Semiconductor Corporation

8.3 Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

8.4 Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co., Ltd

8.5 Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd

8.6 Sino-Microelectronics

8.8 Tianshui Huatian technology Co., Ltd

8.9 Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd

8.10 Beijing Fuxing Xiaocheng Electronic Technology Stock Co., Ltd

8.11 Shenzhen Danbond Technology Co., Ltd

8.12 Ingenic Semiconductor Co., Ltd

8.13 Zhejiang East Crystal Electronic Co., Ltd

8.14 Techsem

8.15 Shenzhen Netac Co., Ltd

8.16 Beijing Honggao Creative Construction Design Co., Ltd

8.17 Zhuhai Orbita Control Engineering Co., Ltd

8.18 JYEG

8.19 Wuhan P&S Information Technology Co., Ltd

9 Expectation to Integrated Circuit Industry in China, 2015-2019

9.1 Factors Affecting Development

9.2 Forecast of Development Trend

9.3 Advice on Investment and Development

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