New WordPress Plugin, Project Supremacy, Launches Integrated Structured Data Schema Markup Generator and Content Curation Tool

“The new Project Supremacy plugin offers the best SEO performance and search engine ranking improvements found on the market today. In addition to providing Schema SEO, it also includes and EXIT image metadata editor, content curation capabilities, incredi”
Project Supremacy, a recently launched premium WordPress plugin, combines four leading plugins into one suite of tools that include structured data markup, content curation with articles, videos and images, Schema SEO, and highly advanced keyword research and planning tools. The new plugin, also known as PSv2, utilizes these capabilities to create an unfair advantage in improving website performance and significantly increasing search engine rankings.

Phoenix, Arizona – February 24, 2016 – Each year thousands of WordPress plugins  get released into the marketplace with the hopes of becoming popular and getting millions of downloads. Some are available as free plugins whereas others are premium wordpress plugins that come with a price. With all the new releases coming out (both paid and free) – there is always a few that are launched that become major standouts. 2016 is no different with the recent launch of Project Supremacy version 2 (PSv2).

Up until recently, there were several good plugins that did search engine optimization (SEO), as well as many others that did content curation and keyword research. In addition, with Google’s search algorithm continuously changing, many of the traditional SEO techniques and methods are no longer effective and in large part have been thrown out the window in favor of using structured data markup on websites, also known as schema markup. With the newly launched Project Supremacy v2 premium plugin – you get the benefit of all of this functionality with one plugin having a fully integrated suite of tools.

Many people ask, “What is Schema?”  Schema markup is code that is placed on a website using a logical structured semantic vocabulary to help the search engines discover what the information on a website is about, and to return more informative search results for users. If you’re familiar with rich snippet tools, you will fully understand what schema markup is all about.

“Project Supremacy is one of the best wordpress plugins on the market hands down,” stated Chris Kern, President of Domain Media and one of the initial beta testers for the plugin. “It combines the functionality of four great plugins into one with content curation tools, EXIF image metadata editor, advanced keyword research, and schema structured data markup which is a huge time saver, takes website SEO to an entirely new level, and creates a real competitive advantage for search engine rankings.”

The Project Supremacy plugin, developed by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears, is currently available under three different licensing and pricing models based upon how many sites that it will be used for. In addition and for a limited time, it also comes with additional bonuses, such as Schema Competition Lookup which shows if competing websites are using schema or not, as well as Client Hunter, which finds potential clients for any business as a lead generation tool.

Click Here to learn more about the new Project Supremacy WordPress plugin.

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