Surge Calls Helps US Businesses Drive Sales Through Innovative Pay-Per-Call Strategy

With the use of mobile phones on the rise, mobile search and different marketing digital distribution channels are being tethered together. Nowadays more and more B2C and B2B clients are participating in this growth and this trend is only going to grow and this year in 2016, mobile search and digital distribution will be directing 70 billion calls to businesses.

Surge Call’s innovative pay-per-call strategy utilizes this to connect potential clients and costumers in real time looking to buy products or services at the peak of interest with the intention of buying. What does this mean? Businesses that are not utilizing this innovative strategy are missing in on the action.

Why pay-per-call converts better than other forms of marketing

Surge Calls pay-per-call marketing model is based on metrics and performance. When businesses pay for other forms of advertiser or marketing such as print, brochures, fliers or display marketing etc, they are paying for views. SEO and Pay Per Click models are ok but leads generated from them can easily turn cold due to the clients indecisive actions and have far lesser closing rates than the pay-per-call Model. pay-per-call converts 30-50% of leads while other forms of marketing only converts 3-5%. 

The professional Surge Call team has also conducted research and have a case study that demonstrates clear ROI differences, cost per sale, and long term marketing models in various marketing methods from telemarketing, print advertising to SEO and pay-per-call. Instead of wasting thousands on less focused marketing campaigns, businesses can now benefit from a more direct, more targeted method.

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Elimination of Risk

Many times businesses are hesitant to explore different avenues of marketing or opportunities because of risk and understandably since this economy does not allow any costly mistakes(no pun intended). Big corporations and Small to Medium businesses have become smarter in deciding to allocate their marketing budget. Print, television, online display advertising cannot even guarantee exact views let alone leads. Other digital marketing methods like seo are based on a retainer fee.

The main difference from the pay-per-call marketing model is that clients only pay for calls or leads that reach their business. This is a game changer in the marketing industry since it allows business’ to eliminate the risk of investment.  It is much more advantages for businesses to invest in leads or inbound calls as opposed to systems that might generate leads.

pay-per-call Marketing ensures a direct connection with potential customers, eliminating all the intermediate stages and the speculation. It is the most effective form of marketing, because it takes advantage of the growing relationship between digital distribution and mobile phones. Surge Call uses parameters such as call duration, demographics, geo targeted campaigns, customized IVRs (interactive voice responses), and continuous split testing to ensure quality inbound calls.

Surge Calls offers a free consultation, to discuss the possibilities and the results that a targeted pay-per-call campaign can bring. The solutions offered are suitable to businesses in all verticals and industries.

About the Company

Surge Calls is an Innovator of the Digital Marketing space and one of only a few digital marketing agencies that offer & specialize in pay-per-call lead generation. It connects companies with highly targeted customers looking to buy their products or services at point of sale or peak interest increasing ROI and sales conversions.

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