Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses Like James Bond Available Through Crowdfunding Campaign

The glasses are like something out of a James Bond Film. The product is a motional control camera camcorder HD Bluetooth smart glasses. The Innovative smart glasses allow people to record videos, take pictures and connect to their phone with smart defined gestures.

An exciting crowdfunding campaign has been launched offering the future in glass wear. The Kickstarter campaign has been launched to offer film fans and gadget lovers a pair of glasses that belong in a James Bond film. The motional control camera camcorder HD Bluetooth smart glasses allow people to record videos and take pictures and then upload them through their smart phone.

The campaign has caused great excitement with gadget and film lovers, allowing them to be Daniel Craig out of the popular James Bond film. They can walk around as if they are wearing a normal pair of glasses but record what they want and when they want. Just like James Bond, they can record people in secret and then upload the funny things they have filmed to the Internet.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $5,000 but already that target has nearly been reached with gadget and film fans wanting to get their hands on the motional control camera camcorder glasses. Through supporting the campaign, gadget and film lovers can be one of the first to own the glasses of the future and experience what it would be like to be a secret agent.

The glasses not only allow the user to film what is in front of them, but they can also listen to music on their smart phone as well as take phone calls. Unlike other headphones out there that have low battery life and need recharging, this product allows the user to listen to their music for another eight hours by recharging it with Camemory rechargeable battery digital necklace that comes with the glasses.

The new gadget can be used for many different applications, which include for business, pleasure, and for security. They have quickly become one of the most talked about gadgets of this year, and by supporting the campaign, a limited number of glasses will be made available before they are launched on the market at a more expensive price.

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About Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses

The campaign is for the Motion control camera camcorder glasses. The glasses can record videos, take pictures, and allow the user to listen to music and take phone calls.

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