Pet Lovers Get Perfect Product With Launch Of Fursweep Grooming And De-shedding Tool For Pets

Bringing a perfect product for the dog and cat lovers, so that they can take care of their pets’ hair gently, free them from parasites and dirt and also giving them a perfect de-shedding solution, “FurSweep” grooming and de-shedding tool has been launched with a 30-day return guarantee.

24 Feb, 2016 – Dogs and cats are some of the most loved pets that people love to have at their houses. They become more than pet, they become part of the family and thus, people love to take care of them just like that. But with pets come issues of their shedding hair, dirt and presence of parasites in them. Presenting a go-to solution to these issues, “FurSweep” pet grooming and de-shedding tool has been launched and is creating a buzz for its effectiveness.

“People love their pets, but their hair and hair shedding issues are something which people find hard to resolve. Thus we wanted to present a product which could effectively solve these issues with impressive results and a gentle care,” the makers said.

The entire FurSweep grooming and de-shedding tool has been made from high quality stainless steel to ensure its high durability. It is provided with a plastic case which can be used to put the de-shedder back into. A plastic cover also protects the comb teeth.

The de-shedder is a perfect grooming tool to free the pet’s hair from dirt and parasites. It’s anti-bacterial 4 inches stainless steel allows an effective and safe grooming for pets. “Pets hairs always catch up dirt and parasites. People want to get rid of it but normal products are neither very effective nor safe. So we use anti-bacterial stainless steel that is safe, non-irritating and also caters to the grooming needs of hair of all lengths,” the company officials said.

With overall dimensions of 5.3 X 4 X 1.5 inches, it is a compact tool that can be stored easily. The makers are confident that their tool can reduce shedding up to 90%. People also love the product for its sheer simplicity, quality and effectiveness. Confident about the quality of service that their product offers, the company has offered a 30-day “Love it or Leave it” guarantee. With such quality and impressive efficiency, the product is generating a buzz among pet lovers.

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