Belle Scientific Planning to Offer Limited Number Free Trials of 5-Minute Facelift in March or April

Belle Scientific, a leading provider of breakthrough beauty and wellness products, recently announced that one of their products would be available for on a free trial basis, but in limited numbers only.

Belle Scientific, a beauty and wellness product manufacturer that has carved a niche for itself, recently announced that 5-Minute Facelift, one of their anti-aging skin products will be available for free trials over the period of March and April.

“We are not disclosing the name of the venues right at this moment, as we believe that we can pleasantly surprise visitors to these major retail outlets and bystanders when we unveil our breakthrough innovation, the 5-Minute Facelift,” said James McLeod, a media manager and company spokesperson. However, he confirmed that the promotional events will be held during the months of March and April. He told us that the device does not use harmful and painful laser technology and maintained that the product has already been approved by FDA.

“The breakthrough technology we use got approval from FDA a couple of years back and for a number of reasons. The 5-Minute Facelift smoothes furrow lines, reduces crow’s feet and lightens frown lines, the tell-tale signs of aging we all hate,” James McLeod told the press. “The best thing about the product is, it tightens saggy cheeks and softens crumpled skin without any pain to the user. Numerous research studies have been conducted on the effects and side-effects of the medical-grade technology and it passed with flying colour,” James sounded exuberant while announcing the results of the research studies before the press.

According to James McLeod, the promotional events will be held across leading retail outlets in the UK to raise some awareness about their products. “People should at least know what 5-Minute Facelift is and why we have named our product like this. For the first time probably, a small handheld product appears as a definite solution to aging related skin problems,” claimed James. “The free trial offer will be available until our stocks last and we must add here that only 200 free trials will be available in a single retail outlet,” he added.       

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