New Author, Vincent Capreoni reveals a blueprint to success for people living in urban environment through his book, Dopeman’s Handbook

An enthralling story that gives its readers tips, tricks to pave one’s ways to everyday success through the hustle bustle of an urban lifestyle giving valuable insights of law enforcements and other details way ahead of time, so that they don’t get into harm’s way ever.

The book is written by Vincent Capreoni taking his own life as an inspiration to help others. Growing up, Vincent had to face many challenges as that of an inner city youth such as being raised by single parent, lack of quality education, police harassments and immediate threat of being imprisoned. With his experiences and research the book is carefully crafted into a story that tells its readers of the mental mind set of criminals which can help them sharpen their social skills.

In recent studies it has been observed the most of the people are not aware of graveness of their crimes and penalties associated with it until they fall prey to consequences of their activities and face a judge which sometimes even jeopardizes their future. In order to get aware and informed of the kinds of penalties one can face ahead of time this book can also help to sense a sprouting criminal behaviour in oneself or someone and benefit in circumventing it.

The handbook provides hope and understanding of dynamics to those who are trapped in the vicious game of life and helps them to build their own roadmap to make it out safe. With other informative advices to stay alert and aware of the surroundings, the book is an attention-grabbing page-turner shaped with witty quotes by the author such as:

“The game is an unfaithful bitch and for those who fall in love with her will get their heart crushed every time.” and “In traffic make it count; everything about you is factored in when people describe you. What side of town you from, what schools you went to, how you were tested in the hood and held your ground say everything about you.”

The Dopeman’s Handbook is now available on Amazon in the special kindle edition at a competitive price of $3.00, under the category of self-help, urban and literature fiction.

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