Baby Pandas Born in 2015 in Chengdu Panda Research Base Made an Appearance Together and Say “Hello” the Lunar New Year

Elder Kelin and Younger Kelin

On February 11, the baby pandas born in 2015 in Chengdu Panda Research Base made an appearance and said hello the lunar New Year, so as to share the happiness of Spring Festival with visitors. Compared with the Twins in Global Appearance on October 24, 2015, the baby pandas born in 2015 have grown bigger obviously, and also become more active with their own individuality.

All the little guys showed special skills and changed their poses in front of the camera to act cute. Their lovely and silly appearance made the visitors cannot help laughing and clapping their hands.

To be more attractive to visitors, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has made adequate preparations. Red lanterns are hung everywhere, making the park full of festival atmosphere. Therein, the thick branches and bamboo forests looked thriving and particularly festive with the ornament of big red lanterns.

In addition, piles of panda statues can be seen everywhere in the park, e.g., on the roof, the trunk and the rockery… The cute baby panda ornaments with various poses were very attractive and made them so loved by visitors.


It is introduced that the visitor volume on February 9 (the first day in lunar calendar) to the Base was more than 10000, and on February 11 (the third day in lunar calendar), the number climbed up to more than 30000.

It is said by the related person in charge of the Base that, according to the past experience, from the second half of the Golden Week holidays in Spring Festival, the visitor volume will continue growing by multiples, so it is recommended that the visitors avoid peak hours (after 14:00 p.m. every day, the visitor volume is relatively less than that in the morning).

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