Neon Alien Studios launches the new mobile game ‘Phoenix Flapforce adventure’

The newly launched mobile gaming application, Phoenix Flapforce adventure is gaining steady popularity among the users on both iTunes and Google Play. The game is developed by Neon Alien studios LLC who have created this game to take the users in an engaging and entertaining gaming experience.

Phoenix Flapforce adventure is a bird game which is also a mix of adventure and dodging obstacles game, set in a background where an eagle is stranded on an island with no way off of it. The main goal is to get the eagle through all the obstacles and make it reach its destination. The game is a challenging one and suitable for both kids and adults who can play this game for a long time.

The phoenix bird is having many lives and throughout the game, it’ll die and reincarnate many times. It has a power and force unlike any creature in this world. The user is the phoenix bird and to move their bird through the screen of their smartphones, they can tap on the screen. It’s all about quick reflexes and presence of mind.

By tapping the screen, the user can make the phoenix fly higher and save it from obstacles such as the pillars. Along to several interesting and challenging obstacles, the user will also have the option to collect many rewards such as coins to unlock other characters and revive the fallen phoenix. The gaming application also gives the option to purchase these coins through the app.

Unlike the other ‘flappy’ bird games, Phoenix Flapforce adventure is more challenging and engaging with captivating visuals. The gamers can activate the Flapforce to make their Phoenix invincible for a brief period while it flies through exploding pillars and other obstacles like a bubble.

By using the coins, the users can unlock other several other characters apart from the default phoenix such as the Glowing Phoenix, the Neon Blue Eagle, the Golden Eagle and the Jet Pack Eagle. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

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