Reflective Vest \”Needed All Year Round\” Says Safety Wear Company Active Arlo

Spring Mist & Fog Is A Danger For Pedestrians and Runners

As winter draws to a close and the long dark nights start to shorten, the temperatures start to rise and so it seems, does peoples complacency towards their safety.  “Whether it is people completing their early morning run before work or those walking the dog, the need to be seen using a reflective vest is crucial at this time of year,” explained a spokesperson for the Personal Safety manufacturer, Active Arlo.

“As it starts to get lighter in the morning and a little warmer, we find that more people forget about their safety reflective vest when in fact the danger is actually greater in twilight conditions than it can be in total darkness. During the twilight hours, visibility is actually lessened for drivers as headlights have less impact and drivers find it more difficult to see moving objects such as runners and walkers… This also affects bicycle riders and motorcyclists, who need as much visibility at this time of day as is possible,” the spokesperson explained.

“In these twilight conditions you might also get additional hazards such as mist and fog which further impair visibility. In conditions like this it is imperative that pedestrians such as owners walking their dog around their sub division or early morning runners use a reflective vest for their own safety.”

Active Arlo manufactures and distributes a reflective vest suitable for running, walking, jogging or working in conditions where visibility to moving vehicles can be an issue. The vest comprises two wide adjustable visibility strips suitable for a large range of sizes. Made to fit waist 26-40 inches and shoulder size 16-26 inches, the wider than average strips ensure the visibility of the wearer to oncoming traffic whatever the conditions and provide a bright reflective surface through 360 degrees of vision. An adjustable buckle fastener also means that the reflective vest can be secured in place to make it comfortable for wearing whilst running or cycling.

“People often see wearing a reflective vest as a seasonal thing. As soon as it starts to warm up and gets a little lighter in the mornings and evenings they tend to forget, thinking they only need to wear a vest in the winter months. We see this reflected, forgive the pun, in the sales figures during the summer. The fact is though, that there are visibility issues for all pedestrians at least twice a day, every day of the year which makes wearing a reflective vest a necessary event ‘all year round’!”

The Active Arlo reflective vest is available exclusively on Amazon USA. During its launch period, the vest can be purchased at a considerable discount to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

“We want to help to get the message out there to all pedestrians that using a reflective vest can be a lifesaver. The most recent statistics show that nearly 70,000 pedestrians were injured in pedestrian/vehicular accidents in a calendar year with an additional 4,700 killed. Whilst this includes all sorts of accidents, what it does show is that there is definite room for improvement when it comes to pedestrians doing all they can to stay safe. A reflective vest is by far the best way to make sure you are seen, all year round.”


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor.

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