Ezlign Launching Pre-Aligned Screen Protector: Initiating The Nano-Revolution

Ezlign with its long term effort has ultimately invented the most flexible and aligned screen protector which will suit the screens of the smartphones and will make it pleasant looking.

Taking a note of the users’ concern, Ezlign has launched the pre-aligned screen protector in a bid to change the way of installing screen protectors. The company took around 2 years to produce the new mechanism and ultimately in March, 2016 would offer its product to the consumers.

The screen-protector would comply with the requirements of the high quality smart phones like iPhone 6(s), iPhone 6(s) plus and even galaxy s6. The product would be found in market both with the standard HD clear film and Nanoshield. Single pack Nanoshield and double-packed HD clear would be priced around $20- $25.

Ezlign’s ultimate goal is to provide a convenient method of application and reduce the installation time by at least 80%. The design allows the films to be applied within 10 seconds, saving consumers’ valuable time. The accuracy of the aligner is unquestionable and its fork like arm will offer perfect visual to the user. Having been delved in thoroughly, the company has found out the appropriate adhesive for the screen which does not allow the film to move when attached to the aligner, thus retain accuracy.

The effort has even enhanced the size of squeegee card so that it can cover up the total width of the screen in fulsome appropriateness. Apart from such unique use values, Ezlign’s proposed method of application allows least exposition to dust particles in the environment leading to the reduction of bubbles.

The company has tested a new type of screen protector (Nanoshield) which uses Nanotechnology as its underlying material. It is found to be much sturdy and durable than the available tempered glass in the market. The experiments inflicting extreme force upon Nanoshield upheld its robustness and flexibility and prove to be extremely shatterproof. Along with these, the company is providing the customers with the lowest possible price against the facilities they are getting out of it.

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