GeoVision releases H.265 VMS that supports Windows 10

A new and improved IP surveillance software is being released in Q1 2016. It is the updated version of the GV-VMS video comprehensive management system. The GV-VMS v15.10 will have support for Windows 10 as well as compatibility with H.265 HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding).

GeoVision is pleased to announce they are launching an updated version of their popular GV-VMS video comprehensive management system. The GV-VMS that records up to 64 channels was released in 2015 and has since been hailed as the perfect solution for industry professionals in search for the best high-volume IP surveillance software. The latest version is the GV-VMS v15.10, which has been released in Q1 2016.

The latest GV-VMS version takes all the positives from the previous version and takes it a step forward to make it even more powerful, providing security industry professionals with the most powerful IP surveillance software on the market. The GV-VMS v15.10, has already gained excitement before its release date with all the new added features. It will have support for Windows 10 as well as compatibility with H.265 HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), making it one of the first video management software on the market to deliver up to twice the compression efficiency compared to the previous H.264.

This next-generation high-efficiency video coding technology maximizes video quality at low bit rates to optimize network usage and reduce storage costs. High-megapixel IP cameras will also be able to operate more efficiently without disruption on network infrastructures as a result of H.265 in GV-VMS v15.10.

In addition to the high-efficiency video coding technology, GV-VMS v15.10 will also include many market-hyped features, such as outdoor intelligent motion detection to decrease false alarms from natural motion (i.e. rain, snow, wave, motion of trees and grass, etc.). Heat Map feature will also be added to assist retail management in identifying hot zones. Other new feature in v15.10 will include support for camera corridor mode, integration with access control and LPR, and GPU decoding and GPU fisheye dewarping. Compared to the DVR/NVR software, GV-VMS has added features such as customizable live and playback layout, live and playback of preview windows, drag-and-drop live channels, fisheye dewarp for individual channels, Windows service mode, multiple monitor support with customizable live view layout, and timeline playback. Built on an interface that is intuitive, simple, and clean, this feature-rich software will be a great pure-IP solution for security seekers.  

The new, improved and updated software is being called as the most exciting security software on the market.

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GeoVision is a professional security company focusing on the research and development of video surveillance products and video content analysis. GeoVision is a leader in the sector of PC-based video surveillance and its video surveillance products successfully bridge the analog and digital worlds.

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