Electric scooter manufacturer Airwheel Showcases Various Electric Devices in 2016

Facing with a new year’s start, most people are complex in the bottom of the heart. Though you are wandering, there is always the right one waiting for your coming. For example, Airwheel scooters are can the preferred choice.

It’s worth thanking the world since it’s always making progress to benefit mankind. Every year Apple keeps its promise to release the new product that really surprises all fans of smart phones. And PS4 is a new game machine after PS3 to become popular around the world. However, Airwheel cannot show the stagnancy, and also releases some new electric scooters to strive for survive.

Airwheel M3 DIY electric skateboard

Let’s start with M3 electric skateboard. Actually it fails to match with the new product’s name. Maybe R&D department of Airwheel has already tried the best. Hence, they do some changes in the traditional skateboard to make a new board, called Airwheel wireless remote control electric skateboard. First, the panel is made by maple wood which is slightly to go against pure environmentalists. Since it’s too common in the deck, Airwheel thought out an idea to stick decals on the board. Of course, the decals can be anyone only if the rider like. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t make changes based on the old ones for the conventional ones are able to do that, sticking decals on the board.

Although there are several points to fail to be a new skateboard, the shinning feature is that M3 electric skateboard comes with a remote control enjoying 10 meters effective range. Thus, M3 is capable to allow the rider to handle the remote control in order to switch the skating speed and directions. Maybe that feature is the real one to make it a new product existing in the market.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvFHJysJXgU

Except for the M3’s debut, Airwheel does make some other progress. For instance, S6 is a two-wheeled electric scooter mounted with a seat. The dazzling trait is its telescoping operating bar which is suitable for riders with different heights.

Then another one is Z3 foldable electric scooter fitted with multiple folding parts. It can be transformed into a smaller one that can be directly put in the car trunk. Or even it can be carried by the user with one hand. They are all new pets of Airwheel.

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