Collaboration Critical to Reach Full Benefits of Lean Supply Chain According to Ultriva by Upland

Ultriva by Upland, the leader in cloud-based collaborative supply chain solutions, described why integration of external supply chain is critical. Companies should first make sure that the internal supply chain is truly integrated and collaborative to reach the full benefits of a lean supply chain.

While there has been much talk over the past decade about “collaboration,” much of it has been focused on external supply chain collaboration. It seems that many companies neglected to get their own houses in order before looking outside their own supply chains, according to a University of Tennessee report entitled, “Bending the Chain: The Surprising Challenge of Integrating Purchasing and Logistics.”

To be truly effective and lean, the supply chain organization not only needs collaboration, which refers to the frequency at which a member of a key function actively works on issues with members from the other key functions, but also requires internal integration, which also requires:

  • Integrated systems and proper organization.
  • Shared goals—the extent to which the manager of each key function (purchasing, operations and logistics) is familiar with the strategic goals of each of the other two focal functions.
  • Cooperation, which is measured by the frequency of requests from other focal functions fulfilled by the members of each focal function.

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Ultriva’s cloud-based collaborative supply chain solutions solve challenges by creating a demand responsive network that extends from manufacturer’s customers, through their plants and out to their supply chain partners. Global manufacturers using Ultriva benefit from more responsive and flexible supply networks and reduce inventory costs by an average of 35-40 percent per plant and improve customer delivery performance. 

Ultriva ( seamlessly integrates with leading ERP (SAP, Oracle, and others) to deliver an end-to-end pull-based replenishment solution, including eKanban. Based in Cupertino, CA, Ultriva by Upland implements a global demand-driven manufacturing model by providing full visibility, scheduling, and sequencing of production of customer orders. The global footprint is increasing rapidly with implementations in wide variety of industry sectors and enterprises such as Magellan Aerospace, CareFusion, Emerson, Ingersoll Rand, McKesson, Triumph Group, Regal Beloit, and Thermo Fisher.  Follow Ultriva by Upland on Twitter at @Ultriva.

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