Check out the LandLine News Q&A Forum for Oil & Gas Professionals

LandLine News has added a new feature, the Professional Forum! A place for land professionals to ask and answer questions, and share relevant information with their peers – experts and novices alike.

In 2015 LandLine News launched, aiming to be the “go to” source for land professionals to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the energy industry, primarily oil and gas, by being a free and open platform for novice and experienced professionals. Since then lease analysts, division order specialists, landmen, managers, and techs have all been able to see announcements of various acquisitions, keep up to date with relevant law changes, post prospects for sale, distribute resumes, and find out about educational and social events in their area from various institutions.

Since launching, LandLine News has had a couple changes, but now the biggest change is here! The Professional Forum on LandLine News is already filling up with questions, and answers! In the forum anyone can ask a question anonymously or provide feedback to another user using their existing social media account.

Why a Forum?

LandLine News was started with the goal of assisting the energy industry, our industry, and the people in it. Being able to ask questions and get advice is a must when learning a profession, working through a difficult problem, or trying to improve a process. What better way to assist the individuals in “land” facets of the energy sector than to facilitate communication between peers, each with a unique perspective shaped by their education, work history, and experiences? Users can, and have, asked questions on a variety of topics and a wide range of complexities, demonstrating the diversity of our industry and the people working it.

What Are Some Topics Being Discussed in the LandLine News Professional Forum

• What is the difference between a Horizontal PUGH clause and a Vertical PUGH clause?
• What’s a good plat making program?
• Do you have to have a consideration amount in a lease?
• Current lease bonus per acre in Goliad County, Texas

How You Can Access the Forum

First, go to Then, either select a post to read the details and existing answers of it, or ask your question right away! Once on a post you can comment until it is marked as resolved. Users are even able to comment on or answer their own forum questions to share a solution and their knowledge. Each comment can be “voted” up or down by visitors to a post so that new visitors less familiar with the topic can easily see what responses are the most helpful.

To vote, click the “up” or “down” arrow next to a comment. Before you can post your own forum question or respond to an existing forum discussion you must first login to an existing LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Microsoft Live account. Questions are asked anonymously while all responses are tagged with the name of the commenter.

Whether you use the forum or not you can also sign up to receive the latest news from LandLine News in your inbox with the free weekly newsletter!

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