New Exciting Card Game Launched On iTunes Called Double Match

Double Match provides hours of fun where the player has to match one symbol on two cards. The game allows multiple players and has been described as the best card app game available on iTunes.

A new card game has been launched on iTunes, which has been described as one of the most exciting game apps of 2016. Double Match is a card game that allows multiple players to pit themselves against each other to try and match one symbol on two cards.

The card game that is available on iTunes ( brings fun, excitement and the need for speed to match two cards that have the same symbol. There are 55 different cards, and it’s down to the player to find which cards have the same symbol to win the game. The player has the option of playing against the computer or using the multiplayer facility and play with family and friends. The user can play online or offline, but the game is not as easy as it may sound.

Double Match, which is also available as a free download from Google Play may sound like an easy game to play, but it’s about speed and keeping focused. The enemy of the game is time, the player has to be fast to match the symbols, and whoever has the most points becomes the champion. The game can be played against anyone around the world, and with the multi-player function, it’s easy to invite new players for a game of speed and skill. The user may know they can beat their family and friends, but can they really beat the computer, and do they have the confidence to find out.

Since being launched, Double Match has received rave reviews from game reviewers and people who have downloaded the game.  Nena Malecic, who downloaded the game said: “Beautiful matching game, cute graphics and lots of different characters to match. Good game to test reflexes, time absolutely flies when you play it.”

Another player by the name of Marvin who loved the game said: “Really nice and intellectual game for kids. There are so many different color pictures that will make your eyes run very fast. It’s really not very easy even for adults.”

Double Match, which has stunning graphics and provides hours of fun, is available to download from iTunes and Google Play.

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About Double Match

Double Match is a card game app available as a free download. It allows the player to play against the computer or family and friends. In order to win, the player has to match the most cards with the same symbol, the player with the most points wins.

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