#1 New Release Premium Ceramic Knife set comes from BECKETT CUTLERY

27 Feb, 2016 – Premium Ceramic Knife Set from Beckett Cutlery runs its fifth week in a row as #1 New Release in category Chinese vegetable knives on Amazon, the largest US online retailer.

Very shortly after the official launch on January 21st, 2016 the Beckett Cutlery ceramic knife set gains its popularity among customers. The unique features of these ceramic knives attract also traditional metal kitchen knives users who say: “We are new to ceramic knives. Wow are we impressed. My husband said these are the sharpest knives we have ever owned.

The company focuses on attention to detail. Therefore, each ceramic knife included in their newly presented ceramic knife set is specially sized as well as paired with fitted sheath.  It includes the 3 most essential and frequently used kitchen knives: 6” chef´s knife, 5” slicing knife, 4” paring knife.

Beckett Cutlery is very proud to have growing number of satisfied clients. The offer of this premium ceramic knife set is appealing to customers thanks to its smart and safe solution that makes their life easier, comfortable, and organized.

It only proves that the company´s intention to deliver excellence and comfort to a modern household has become true and encourages this young innovative company to enlarge their home and kitchen offer with other unique products in the future.

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