Supplying the Gospel for Asia’s Many Peoples is Bible League International Mission

CRETE, IL – 27 Feb, 2016 – Bible League International (BLI) is reaching out to Christian friends and businesses in order to help change the dire conditions that are sweeping across the countries of Asia. Known for its widespread poverty and limited religious options, the opportunity for distributing Bibles to the millions of people in Asia who find the Lord each year is perhaps the greatest chance ever to make sure that God’s message is received by those who have never heard his name.

It is the mission of BLI to ensure that at least 500,000 Bibles are passed throughout all of Asia, as well as additional training materials and Biblical resources. BLI has succeeded in their goal by reaching out to the many Christians in America, Europe, and elsewhere who have become partners with BLI in delivering the Gospel for Asia’s wonderful and appreciative new Christians, a group which continues to grow exponentially every year.

It is the intention of BLI to help people in every country of Asia, including India, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where outright attacks against Christians are common occurrences. Other places, such as Japan, continue to find a growing need for Christian support. In each situation, it is up to groups such as BLI to make certain that God’s Word is spoken to the people in the greatest need for his love and support.

All Christians are encouraged to become advocates for the important work of BLI, which is to keep spreading the Gospel for Asia’s many people. The BLI website provides additional information on the many programs that they offer for making sure that God’s Word continues to be heard through these difficult and trying times in our world.

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