Historical Queen\’s Secrets to Success Revealed in New Book

Women who want to achieve leadership success by God’s way, now have a dynamic blueprint to follow with release of The Esther Effect (Redemption Press).

The book of Esther in the Bible contains only ten chapters, and is an account highlighting the humility, strength, faith, boldness, and perseverance of one young woman determined to save her Jewish people from destruction.

In this look into the phases of Queen Esther’s life, principles of leadership are highlighted as the reader follows Esther’s journey from being thrust into the foreign atmosphere and divisive politics of the king’s court, to the fear, and ultimately, the possibility of rejection and death to her and the people she represented. The Esther Effect engagingly provides historical background, as well as a unique perspective that brings new relevance to the scriptural account.

Written by conference speaker, retreat leader and Bible teacher, Sandra Wakefield, a writer of original dramas, The Esther Effect is her debut book. Wakefield said: “I have been fascinated with the story and life of Queen Esther for many years. I portray her in biblical drama, and knew there was more to her story than meets the eye. Once I began to delve into her story and background, I was amazed at her unusual maturity as she faced hard circumstances and trials at a young age.”

The Esther Effect has been endorsed by several authors, including TV host, international speaker and author of Downside Up, Tracey Mitchell, who said: “The Esther Effect is masterfully written and woven together with a personal touch. Sandra has done a beautiful job of transfusing her enthusiasm for life, women, and those who dare to dream, into a manuscript that will challenge, encourage, and equip you for success.”

The Esther Effect was published by Redemption Press and is available in paperback format for a retail price of $10.99, as well as in E-book format.

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About Author

Sandra Wakefield is a conference speaker, retreat leader and Bible teacher. She also provides one-woman stage presentations of women of the Bible.

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