Marketing Grin – Why a Paid Search Agency Saves Businesses Money

Paid search advertising is an effective way of driving qualified traffic to your website and boosting sales. While you can set-up and run paid search campaigns yourself, often you will save money by hiring a paid search agency to run it for you.

Paid search advertising is hugely popular and an important part of many businesses digital strategy. It enables advertisers to only pay for advertising when their ad is clicked on, something that wasn’t available from traditional advertising mediums.

Google transformed the advertising world with the release of Google AdWords. It was revolutionary as it offered massive reach and keyword targeting where companies are only charged when their ad is clicked and where companies set the amount that they want to pay. The majority of Google’s revenue is generated by Google AdWords which is a testament to how valuable AdWords is; companies spend a lot on AdWords as they know they can generate a lot of new business from it.

Some companies choose to run their paid search advertising campaigns in-house, others hire an agency to run it for them. While you will have to pay an agency a management fee, it will often work out more cost effective to hire an agency to run a paid search campaign as Jack Willis from Marketing Grin, a paid search agency in Essex, explains.

“The assumption is that you can save money by running a paid search campaign yourself because you don’t have to pay a management fee. It is understandable why people think this however it often isn’t right. If the campaign is not run properly, you are likely to have a lot of wasted clicks and the cost of the wasted clicks will far outweigh the management fee in most circumstances. Take AdWords for example, it defaults to broad match so your ad can appear for any search with your keywords in. So say you were selling second-hand Ford cars and used the keyword Ford cars, your ad would appear for toy cars, Henry Ford, new Fords etc. – all irrelevant searches and therefore wasting huge amounts of money on wasted clicks. By hiring an agency to run it for you, you will greatly reduce wasted clicks and often save money.”

“Going back to this example, you can see why people become disillusioned by paid search advertising. I often hear people say that AdWords doesn’t work or it’s too expensive when in actual fact, the company is trying to save money and avoid management fees and consequently their campaign is unsuccessful.”

“Running paid search campaigns effectively is a skill that takes a long time to acquire. There are online courses and qualifications such as the AdWords Qualification. If you try and cut corners and run it yourself without having the knowledge to do it effectively, you should expect a steep learning curve and a learning cost.”

Marketing Grin is a full service digital marketing agency working with a variety of different businesses in a broad range of industries. Their focus is to increase a brand’s reach, improve engagement and to convert prospects into long-standing, loyal customers and achieve this using an effective blend of digital marketing channels.

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