Yantai Defender Excels In Complete Marine Safety Product Development with Their Quality Marine Rubber Fender

Yantai Defender Maritime Co, Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide variety of marine rubber fenders to meet the berthing and mooring needs at seashores or port sides. One can check their quality products on their website Defendermaritime.com

With their significant R&D efforts, Yantai Defender Maritime Company develops marine protection products, such as rubber fenders for the global companies. These rubber fenders have a wide application in the marine safety and protecting seashores, ports and vessels. The company supplies their rubber berthing products to a number of global clients and meets their unique requirements with custom designs and robust features.

The company has a large marine rubber fender range and supplies fenders in different sizes. With an integrated design, the fenders are easy to install and require little maintenance. These fenders are often admired for their quick installation and the long lasting durability that ultimately brings down the construction cost of the marine or dock maintenance companies.

marine rubber fender

Customers can choose rubber fenders available in different designs and their arch rubber fender is in high demand for its unique design and features. The rugged structure of the arch fenders makes them capable to withstand severe marine conditions. The fenders can easily be fitted with the steel panels for quickly erecting a protective solution at the port side. With high energy absorption and low reaction force, the fenders can be used for creating simple but robust structures for protecting marine vessels.

Yantai Defender specializes in the production of the cone rubber fender that is the 3rd generation cell rubber fender with improved features and precise engineering. With their conical body shapes, these fenders are very stable and can withstand large compression forces in different marine conditions. The fenders remarkably feature high performance and a big deflection for protecting seashores and port sides. Available in a wide range of sizes, these conical fenders can easily meet the multi-berthing needs at the seashores.

The spokesperson of the company maintains that they endeavor to deliver berthing products that are easy to install and are highly durable. With a long-lasting performance, their rubber fenders are ideal to safeguard the marine life and vessels.

In order to learn more about their rubber fenders, one may visit the website www.defendermaritime.com

About Yantai Defender Maritime Co, Ltd

Yantai Defender Maritime is an experienced company specializes in supplying highly cost-effective rubber fenders and bollards for berthing and mooring. The company has various standard rubber fenders available in their stock, but customized products can also be provided, as per client requirements. All products are produced with the best raw materials, the engineered design and are produced strictly in accordance with PIANC guidelines.

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